Cotton Kantha Quilted Bed Quilt 2619 Blue and White Stripes

SKU: KCQTH Blue Stripe 2619
US $69
US $40
Filled with export quality cotton batting graced by fine hand quilting, this Kantha Cotton Quilt becomes an instant favorite in the bedroom, spreading its elegance all over the place.
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- Estimated Handling Time: 2 days

Cotton SHIBORI Kantha Quilted Bed Quilt, 100% Cotton.



SIZE: 220  x 265 cms

•             Exquisite designs.

•             SHIBORI hand dyed.

•             Well crafted Kantha stitching.

•             Well absorbing 100% Soft Cotton Voile Fabric.

•             Machine Washable, Dry in shade.

•             Handmade

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