Cotton Quilts

Cotton Quilts

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Our Cotton Quilt comes with the combination of traditional art and contemporary styling. The soft and snugly stuff cotton quilt is filled with export quality soft carded cotton.  

The soft cotton voile quilt panels are hand block printed, sometimes stamping around 2000 impressions on a single quilt. These panels are then dried in the sun for the oxidation process, which turns the base colors into beautiful hues, tones and shades. After sun drying these panels are then washed once to remove any excess binders which are added to strengthen the colors during the printing process.

These panels are then stitched into a sac form and stuffed with soft carded cotton and gently padded layer by layer  to give that fluffy feeling . These cotton quilts are later hand stitched by the women cluster of Roopantaran. This provides them with an added value creation to contribute to their families.

Our raw materials like cotton voile, filling cotton are sourced from the finest suppliers of cotton from Erode.When you buy our Cotton Quilt you carry the legacy and heritage of our traditional craft of Hand Block Printing.The process of stuff cotton quilts is an art form in itself. Block printed quilts are made since the time of princes and maharajas. This traditional heritage is carry forwarded by the creative artisans of Roopantaran. It is phenomenal to see that one stuff cotton quilt provides employment to around 15 people including dyers, block printers, washers, cotton carders, and the hand stitching women cluster of Roopantaran.