Leslie E
I love our stuffed cotton quilt. The colors are vivid and the printing is beautiful. We are very happy. It was so quick to arrive. I was really impressed with the careful packaging too.


New York, United States
26 Jul, 2019
Mrs Guiral
A beautiful Razai was received safe and sound today. It is a marvel, congratulations! The colours and motifs truly testify for the talent of the craftsmen and the care taken into making these delicate and popular quilts! Long live Roopantaran, you are the best!


Clermont, France
18 Jul, 2019
Mrs Savithri
Beautiful Quilts, Great craftsmanship. Amazing customer service. I'm so happy to having found them on the internet


Bangalore, India
29 Jun, 2019
Alexander Brown
Wow!!!, So happy to buy these lovely quilts. Beautifully made, better even in person.


Melbourne, Australia
01 May, 2019
lovely handmade table cover.


La Primavera, Panama
12 Apr, 2018