Quilted Bedspread

Quilted Bedspread

Meet our best selling product - Indian Cotton Quilted Bedspreads. At Roopantaran, our experienced artisans create this product using the slow process of printing called Hand Block Printing. While it is a slow process, it generates tremendous results with mesmerizing colors and patterns which isn’t possible to achieve with other printing methods.

We always use quality cotton to create our products to give them a sense of softness and comfort. Also, our products are well-known to instantly uplift the overall appearance of the bedroom. Our Indian Cotton Quilted Bedspreads are simple in shape, resulting in carrying less weight.

We have a wide variety of Quilted Bedspreads of different colors and patterns, and you will get confused about which one you should buy. Our products will match every bedroom aesthetic and our artisans make sure that they satisfy our clients’ needs. When you buy our product, you won’t ever regret it. Our mesmerizing colors and patterns will add life to any bedroom and make you comfortable.

Most people love our Indian Cotton Quilted Bedspreads because they give them complete freedom. It means that you can sleep on the sides or on your stomach with ease. However, if you dislike sleeping on mummy bags, then buying our Quilted Bedspreads can be a better option for you. It is worth an investment in the long run.

Quilted bedspreads have multi-usage. It can be either laid flat or sealed and formed around you. So, what are you waiting for? Get the right Indian Cotton Quilted Bedspreads today!