Cotton Napkins

Cotton Napkins

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No one wants to use the paper napkins that tear away after a few quick hand wipes. With that in mind, we proudly bring to you the best printed cotton napkins online. Unlike paper napkins, our cotton table napkins can be used and stand up to the messiest fingers - every single time.

At Roopantaran, we have a team of experienced artisans who use hand block printing methods to print mesmerizing patterns and textures of cotton table napkins. While it is an old-school process, it generates better results than other printing methods. Our napkins are 100% made of cotton and can be used frequently. Moreover, these napkins are decorative. You can give an instant uplift to your dining space using our printed cotton napkins.

The size of our napkins is 45 x 45 cm and you will get a set of 4 pieces. You can head to our “Dining” section on our website to explore the wide range of table napkins. You will get a variety of colors and patterns and you will get confused about which one you should buy. We make these napkins in such a way that it complements every dining room theme.

We are known for delivering quality products to our customers. This is what makes us stand out from our competitors. So, you can explore a variety of printed cotton napkins online and cheer up your meal times with our cotton table napkins. What are you waiting for? Head to our “Dining” section and pick the best cotton table napkin to enhance your dining experience.