Kantha Quilts & Throws

Are you looking for top-notch handmade Kantha Indian Quilts? Well, you have landed in the right place! We are Roopantaran, where we specialize in creating handmade block printed home furnishings and other home decor items. And one of them is our handmade Kantha Quilts.

We have a variety of handmade Kantha Indian Quilts of different colors, patterns, and embroidered running stitches. We use only quality cotton which is breathable, soft, and snuggly. It is made with 6 layers of sari cloth. However, the final product is thin, but it is as hefty as kantha come. They are light, but provide you with a good warmth. Once you get in, it’s not easy to come out.

However, the use of our Indian Kantha Quilts isn’t limited to bedding. You can even use it as a tablecloth that will enhance the overall look of your dining room. The patterns of our Indian Quilts is the ultimate disguise for spills and drips at dinnertime.

When you are looking for Kantha Indian Quilts, it will be challenging for you to choose how many pieces you should buy. You can also use our Kantha Quilts as cushions or pillows, which means you can reap the benefits of its different colors and patterns.

As you can see, when it comes to using our handmade Indian Quilts, the opportunities are endless. The different colors and patterns of our product will add an interest to a neutral bedroom scheme.

So, what are you waiting for? Enhance the overall aesthetic of your bedroom with our handmade Kantha Quilts today!