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Are you looking for the best summer blanket for summers? If yes, it is wise to buy dohar online India. They are made with soft cotton fabric which is durable, comfortable, soft, and lightweight. It is a sleek bedding made by stitching two cotton sheets together with a cotton flannel layer in between the two sheets for additional warmth.

At Roopantaram, we have a team of professional artisans who are well-experienced in creating high quality double bed dohar online India. They use the hand block printing method to achieve the mesmerizing textures, patterns, and colors of the dohar.

Cotton dohars are best for summers because they easily soak up the sweat and keep the body cool by absorbing body heat. Basically, dohars are traditional versions of blankets which are stitched in a different manner as compared with blankets. So, investing in double bed dohar online India for summers is worth it.

We also have a wide variety of colors and patterns and we bet you will fall in love with them. You will adore the sleek design of our dohars for the years to come. Dohars design and patterns are so beautiful that it will give an elegant touch to your bedroom. We have dohars available in 2 different sizes:

    • Twin - 140 x 210 cms
    • Queen - 210 x 265 cms
Explore the wide variety of options on our website and buy dohar online India that instantly uplift the appearance of your bedroom.


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