10 homemade Christmas decoration ideas

Posted on November 21st, 2022 03:11 PM
10 homemade Christmas decoration ideas

There is still plenty of time for Christmas and to think about how to decorate our house for this festivity, but we must not rest on our laurels (or mistletoe...). If this year we are looking for something different and simple like homemade Christmas decorations, easy, cheap and of the DIY type , it is better to get down to work as soon as possible. It is true that it will take us more time than if we only placed the Christmas decorations already made, but our decoration will be unique and the satisfaction with the final result will be greater.

Homemade Christmas decoration: 10 crafts for Christmas decorations

If you want to save on decorating for Christmas and, incidentally, reuse and recycle , write down these ideas for homemade Christmas decorations to decorate the house and choose the one that best suits your tastes and possibilities. In addition, they are perfect for spending time with the little ones in the house... And without screens in between, quite an achievement.

Christmas ball-pineapple

One of the Christmas decorations that we can create ourselves are balls to decorate the tree or a corner of the house. But we will not use any ball, but one made with a pineapple and some mini pompoms. There are not too many things easier and more decorative at the same time.

Homemade Christmas decorations to decorate the house

Mini Christmas tree with branches

Another simple option with which we get homemade Christmas decorations to decorate the house is to make a mini tree with natural branches. It is perfect if we do not have much space available or we are looking for a minimalist and personal Christmas decoration.

homemade christmas decoration

tree with bottles

One way to create a bigger, more eye-catching recycled Christmas tree is to make it out of bottles. The result is similar to the cider tree , but ours would be smaller, of course. Of course, you have to get a little pulse and dexterity (as well as thirst) to do it and, once done, keep it away from the children...

Christmas crafts

Personalized Christmas tree decoration

If you already have Christmas tree decorations at home but currently you don't like them or they are old, you can always give them a face lift. With a bit of paint and some skill with the brush, you will get some new ornaments and you will help to reuse what you already have without having to buy it new.

Christmas decoration

Little trees with pastry molds

Those paper molds to make muffins that you have not used yet will help you create a small homemade Christmas tree , cheap and easy. Add a base and some decoration and you will not need more for a small Christmas corner.

Christmas tree decoration

paper christmas tree

Another original way of home Christmas decoration is to create a tree with a set of leaves that imitate the shape of a fir on the wall. For this idea we can use the type of paper and the colors that we want; in this way we personalize it even more.

homemade christmas decoration

Christmas decoration with cushions

As we are seeing, a tree does not have to be missing from the Christmas decoration , even if we do not have anything similar. It happens to us again with this craft in which some cushions and a bit of perspective do all the work.

homemade christmas decoration

Christmas tree with books

In this idea, the Christmas tree decoration is not to use either. Yes, it is with something valuable, but that can be reused: books. It takes some skill, but after seeing the one made of bottles, it doesn't seem so difficult anymore, does it?

Christmas tree decoration

pom pom garland

Another of the quintessential Christmas crafts, apart from ways to get the tree, are garlands. There are many options to create one, but this time we are left with some simple pompoms in a circle.

easy homemade christmas decorations

DIY tree of lights

To finish with the selection of decoration for DIY Christmas, you cannot miss the lights. With a simple garland and a bit of green tinsel we create a cheap and fast illuminated tree without taking up space in our house.

homemade christmas decoration

After reviewing these crafts, do you prefer homemade Christmas decorations or ready-made ones? Do you dare with any of these ideas for next Christmas?