A modern minimalist and cozy house at the same time

Posted on June 26th, 2021 03:42 PM
A modern minimalist and cozy house at the same time

Not long ago we reviewed the keys to modern interior decoration and how we could use it at home. The house that we see today is a good example of this way of decorating, but it has something that differentiates it from other similar ones, such as that there are places in it where vegetation and plants take center stage. Also that the chosen combinations and the materials make this modern house manage to welcome you and make you feel comfortable even though it follows a minimalist style, which can sometimes seem colder than others. Therefore, we are going to review its characteristics and strengths to know how they have made the most of it possible (and if possible, get an idea for our own home, since we are working on it).

Why this modern and minimalist house is also cozy

An eye-catching exterior

The first impressions count and with the one of this house, they also hit. From the outside it evokes a modern and minimalist style thanks to the cement and wood , but you also know that it will be cozy due to the amount of vegetation that surrounds it. It is clear that they have not skimped on the green of the exterior that surrounds the house. At some points, literally.

Minimalist modern house

A good entrance

As we said, the first thing you notice about a home is on the outside and, as part of it, on the front door . When you have a house like this you want to protect it from possible damage. For the same reason, you will also look for a robust entrance door that provides you with security. The one in this one-story house is not only safe and practical, it is also impressive on sight as well as its beauty.

Cement and wood entrance

A Zen hall

The combination that emerges from the gray of the cement and the brown of the wood on the green of the vegetation as soon as you enter is striking. In addition, the straight lines and the "less is more" do the rest so that this hall is a very Zen corner. It would fit in some ways with the Japandi style , so trendy this year. This style is a mixture of two others: Scandinavian and Japanese. Among other things, it is characterized by the use only of furniture that is practical, which is normally made of wood and straight and low lines.

Vegetation in a modern house

Natural light in abundance

Few things make a space more inviting and comfortable than natural light. Good lighting can change the appearance of a home completely and, although it is also achieved with artificial light, the light from the outside is more pleasant (both for the eye and for the pocket ...). In addition, it would be unthinkable to keep all the interior vegetation in an acceptable state without a good daily light bath. For this reason, in some corners, the walls and ceilings become windows and skylights , creating an almost hypnotic play of light and shadow.

Modern style with color

A touch of color

The range of colors is reduced almost to the natural tones that each material contributes, but there are three strokes of color that stand out from the rest. One of them is that of the dining table chairs, in a velvety blue with a lot of texture. Another, the yellow of the sofa, in contrast to the dark stone wall behind it. The latter is not due to any furniture or decorative object, but is the green that floods the house thanks to the vegetation.

Modern house with natural light
Modern house with plants

A bit of Urban Jungle

Another trend that we also enjoy in this modern home is the Urban Jungle . In this style of decoration, the characteristic is the incorporation of indoor plants , but going up one level. Sometimes bordering on exaggeration, vegetation floods the houses if they follow this style that aims to create an urban jungle within them. In this case, the idea of ​​the jungle is fulfilled, but following the line of the exterior of the house, which is also lush and green.

Minimalist style with greenery
Urban jungle style

As we have just seen, the modern style can follow a minimalist philosophy while making spaces original and welcoming. Sometimes you just have to know how to combine the practicality and simplicity of spaces with some light and greenery.