Prepare your house for summer

Posted on April 13th, 2022 08:05 PM
Prepare your house for summer

Now that the excessive heat of summer has not yet arrived, it is a goodtime to start preparing your house and create a refreshing atmosphere.
How to get it? It's very simple, all you have to do is follow a few little tips that we are going to give you and that's it.

Condition your house against the heat

  • Light colors 

Light colors bring light to rooms and are also cooler colors. White lets in light and enlarges the rooms. As if that were not enough, it is a color that reflects the sun, so the rooms will be cooler.  summer decoration

  • check the windows 

Both in summer and winter, it is through the doors and windows that the ideal temperature of the house escapes . If you plan to change them, it may be a good time to think about installing double-glazed windows to maintain the ideal temperature in the home.

  • Awnings, pergolas and shutters in good condition 

Having an installation of awnings, pergolas and windows that reduces the entrance of the sun in the main hours of the day is essential. Check their status and check that they work correctly.

  • Turn off appliances you don't use 

You do not need to have all the appliances in your home connected. By turning off those that you do not use, you will be able to save energy, while the heat that the devices give off will decrease.

  • Check the air conditioning 

It is important that before the arrival of the heat, you check that everything works correctly.
At this point we also recommend that you ventilate the house at night, to let the air renew itself and cool the temperature inside. You can take advantage of it to generate air currents to refresh all the rooms of your home.

Create an atmosphere of freshness

  • Add color and texture 

Use cooler fabrics with brighter tones. You can also opt for marine or floral prints that provide a feeling of warmth.

  • change the decor 

The decoration of your home may be timeless, but you can always give it a more summery touch. Natural fibers, fresh flowers or full color details are unmistakable signs that summer has arrived. Take advantage of them and refresh the style of your home.

  • rugs 

Rugs are fine for winter, but in summer it's better to keep the heavy, warm ones and swap them with cotton rugs.

With these simple tips your home is ready for summer! Keep shopping for beautiful handmade textiles on our store.