Tips to make your room look bigger

Posted on February 1st, 2020 10:59 AM
Tips to make your room look bigger

One of the problems of today's apartments is that the bedrooms are quite small. Luckily, most have fitted wardrobes, but it's still important to try to make them look bigger.

The choice of furniture, the color of the walls and also of household linen is important to ensure that the bedroom is, at least visually, more spacious.

1. The choice of furniture and the color of the room

In a small room the key in the choice of furniture is in the simplicity of them. The Kantha style is perfect for this type of room, as it bets on simple lines and few devices. You can also choose classic furniture but always escaping from dark woods or excessively recharged .

The headboards that have the built-in bedside tables can be a good choice to save a little more space and bring simplicity to the design of the room.

Light tones are perfect for the room to look large and bright. White, pearl tone, beige or very soft earth colors are ideal. Blue is also a fantastic choice. You can play with a more intense tone for the headboard wall, like a cobalt blue, so fashionable and the rest of the room in white or in faint blue.

2. Should I give up the add-ons?

There is no reason to give up accessories and auxiliary furniture when the room is small, but you have to know what is the best way to use them. Here are some tricks that will help you make your room look bigger:

  • Avoid having things in between . If you want to put a side table to place photo frames or something like that you must put it in a corner of the room. The clearer it looks, the bigger it will look. The order is also essential for the room to look good because something outside the site in such a small space, it is noted.
  • It is better to avoid the shelves , but if you need to place them bet on the high, flush with the ceiling. This will make the space at eye level clear. If you are going to put pictures, that these are rather low, you can even bet on the pictures resting on the floor, a modern trend that will make the room look taller.
  • Of course, mirrors are good allies to make your room look bigger. You can use them in the closet door or you can place a full-length mirror in some strategic place in the room. In addition to visually increasing the space, it will make everything seem brighter.

3. How to choose the bedding

And finally, we reach the point that we are particularly interested in, the choice of bedding. There are several safe bets that will make the bedding help the room not optically dwarf. These are some proposals we make:

  • The bedding in plain light tones . The Percale bedspread is a perfect option for the most minimalist rooms and looking for a fresher look. Although it is totally white, this bedspread has its personality by having the relief in paintings. It is perfect for the bedrooms in total white, so fashionable right now.

  • Choose everything in the same tone . Although the different prints are carried, in a small room the excess of color can make everything look too ornate. Therefore, we recommend that you choose only one printed textile piece (the quilt or the curtains) and the rest of the accessories in a plain color identical to everything. For example, if the quilt is stamped and has a white background, the curtains can go white to avoid recharging the environment.