10 decorative whims to renovate your home

Posted on June 5th, 2021 10:09 PM
10 decorative whims to renovate your home

When you think about renovating your home you always have something in mind that you have been wanting in your decoration for a long time. This can be anything from the flooring material to a small detail, but whatever it is, it is something that grabs your attention more than other things. As a good interior decoration lover , I have in mind more than one of these decorative whims that I would like to enjoy in my own home. Coincidences of interior design, the house that I show you today has them all. So we are going to use it as an example to review ten of those objects and details that many of us would like to use if we reform our house.

How to renovate your home with decoration

Ten decoration whims with which you would like to renovate your home

1. Herringbone soil

It is clear that when you move there are things that occupy you before the decoration, such as choosing the electricity and gas companies or changing your address on official sites. But something that cannot wait too long and is related to interior design, is the floor of the house. Herringbone flooring may not be the latest trend, but it is one of those that often comes back and does not go out of style. It is striking , elegant and manages to bring a special feeling to rooms.

Herringbone soil

2. Subway tiles

Simple, elegant, timeless and cheaper than other options, subway tiles have everything going for them. Its name is due to the fact that they are the same style as those you find in some subway stations in New York. They resist all trends and decorative styles and are always there. 

Ideas to renovate your home

3. Retro appliances

They have that special fifties charm and, why fool us, they look great. Rounded lines, retro handles and the availability of a multitude of colors are the keys for this type of appliance to hook us and to differentiate itself from the others. And usually its price too ...

Retro appliances

4. Exposed brick

Another trend that comes and goes but never completely abandons us, especially in industrial-style spaces . Although they are characteristic of this style, exposed brick can be combined with many others and look just as good. Sometimes in its natural color, sometimes painted, but it always stands out and adds an original touch to the place where it is.

Renovate the entrance of your house

5. Design chairs

The iconic pieces of design are something that all decoration lovers have in mind when decorating a home. A simple way to incorporate some is in the form of a chair. Whether for the dining room or the desk, there are them for all tastes and they are easy to find. If you are very lucky and have a good eye, even at a flea market.

Dining chairs

6. An old table

Since we have gone to the flea market looking for chairs, it does not cost us anything to also find a charming old table. It can be a bacon table or just one of those that have a hearth and as soon as you see it you want to restore . When you eat at a table that you have found and arranged, even the food tastes better.

How to renovate your house

7. Imitation wood tiles

This type of ceramic tile that perfectly imitates wood is something that you can see in houses that follow the latest trends. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also very practical and the only way to have the aesthetics of wood in damp places like the bathroom or difficult to clean like the kitchen .

Ideas to renovate your home

8. Great lamps

Few elements are as necessary and at the same time as aesthetic as lamps. It is easy that, as with designer chairs, you have a fetish that you are wanting to hang from your ceiling. There really is something for all tastes, pockets and styles, being able to combine several also without any problem.

Renovate your home with lamps

9. A barn sink

Indispensable in rustic-style kitchens and desirable in any of the others, the barn-style sink is wide, deep and eye-catching . So in addition to being practical, it will dress that corner for dirty dishes. It also looks great combined with a faucet in gold or matte black finishes.

Barn sink

10. Round mirrors

An element as used to liven up the decoration as the mirrors also had to be on our list. They come in multiple shapes and sizes, but we are going to stick with the round one. Lately it is usually accompanied by a rope that holds it from above. It is a great option for the bathroom , where there is always one equally, but thanks to its rounded shape it gives a more fun and original touch to any space.

Renovate the bathroom

Which of these decorative whims would you prefer to use to renovate your home?