3 DIY Ideas TO Style Your Walls

Posted on February 27th, 2021 02:07 PM
3 DIY Ideas TO Style Your Walls

The decorated walls are an element used in interior decoration to highlight a specific part of the stay. These can take all the attention and be the focal point of the place. There are many ways to decorate walls but today we are going to see some that also require some work on our part. With these DIY you will get the wall of your dreams, but not without some effort. Do you dare to brighten up your walls?

DIY for walls decorated with moldings.

In this tutorial an already striking wall is accentuated by placing some moldings. With the black color it already captured the attention, but with the extra of the rectangular shapes it gains elegance and presence.

For this DIY, the first thing to do is measure the wall and the size of the moldings well depending on the design we choose. With the measurements, cut the pieces (wooden or aluminum slats) that we need to create the chosen shape. Paint them and anchor them to the wall following the measurements. The secret is in the subway!

DIY for walls decorated with cladding.

What you want to achieve with this tutorial is a wall decorated with a ribbed or grooved effect. This way you gain texture and movement in the room. It helps you liven up any corner and give it a more modern and original air.

For this you can use a 3D coating or create it yourself piece by piece. That depends on the desire you have, the money you want to spend and how handy you are. If you choose option number two, you must cut them to the desired size and stick one by one to the wall. You can spray paint them and add your favorite color to your best room. It seems difficult (and it is), but the result is worth it.

Tutorial for walls decorated with cladding

DIY for walls decorated with geometric patterns.

In this version of decorated walls, instead of using wallpaper to add geometric shapes to the space, they decided to create them themselves with wood. This type of drawing has been a trend since not long ago and gives a fun and different touch to the space.

As always, the first thing is to have a design and make the appropriate measurements and marks. In this case, since they were going to paint everything, they also put the color samples on the wall to see how it would look, which we recommend. Then the cut-to-size wooden slats are placed and that's it! Your geometric wall is a reality.

DIY for walls decorated with wood.