3 easy ideas to customize textiles

Posted on January 17th, 2022 03:31 PM
3 easy ideas to customize textiles

Today we are going to see three ways to customize textiles in a simple way . With a little skill and imagination, we will make our sheets, cushions or towels more original and speak of us and our tastes. Hands to the textile!

Ideas and DIY to personalize textiles

make it bohemian

You can personalize your simplest cushions by giving them a boho and eye-catching touch . You don't need much to get it, in fact in the DIY that we see to inspire us, they didn't even need a cushion cover, but they used some bath mats. Yes, you read that right. If you don't believe it, this is the before and after...

DIY to customize cushions

As we said, in this case bath mats have been used that have more texture and thickness, but it could also be achieved with towels or other types of textiles; to do it the same as in the example, we would use two pieces.

A trick that can help us that they also did here, is to use the back of the textile if it has a drawing or pattern that we do not want to see. We need, yes, a filling for the cushion with which to wrap our chosen fabrics.

If we want to make it even easier, we can use a simple cushion cover and add the details we want. In this way, we would save the last step of the tutorial (sewing both rugs or fabrics to put the cushion filling between them).

The rest of the requirements are easy to achieve:

  • Pair of scissors
  • Needle
  • Threads with different textures and colors to choose from

Once we have everything we need in our possession, we get down to the needle.

The pattern or drawing with which we dress our new cushion will depend on the creativity of each one. Fringes, tassels, and line patterns were created in this tutorial , but it could be made simpler if that's what you're looking for in the end result.

Once the creative work with the needle and thread is finished, we have to join the two textiles that we have customized (decorating one of the sides would be enough). We will do this step by sewing, by hand or by machine if preferred. Don't forget to put the cushion filling before finishing...!

Your personalized cushion will be ready to decorate your home.

DIY to customize textiles

Name Them

Personalized clothing labels are common, both those that help us to know their care and composition and those that mark the firm or store that has created them. But personalized textile labels can not only be used for clothing, they are also valid for home textiles. Being able to design them yourself, they offer endless possibilities.

Think about clothing labels and transfer those ideas to your cushions, sheets or blankets . You can put your name on them , for example, if you share a flat or if you take them to the laundry, this way everyone will know that they are yours.

Apart from practical reasons, message labels can also be added to these home textiles. It would be a great idea if they are a gift or if you simply like that phrase or expression and enjoy reading it.

give them color

You may no longer like some home textiles because they are too neutral and you prefer something more daring. If so, plain white or light-colored sheets, cloths, towels and cushions can become a blank canvas to paint on in no time. You can choose your favorite color paint and turn them into a fun and original element of your decoration.

This idea to personalize textiles can be carried out in different ways. One of them, the simplest, is simply to take a brush and have some skill to draw. You can make small cacti, leaves. polka dots, … Your imagination (and your pulse) are the limit.

DIY to tie-dye textiles

The other option has some more part in the process, but it is also very affordable for anyone. It consists of getting a tie-dye type drawing like the one in the photographs on the textile you choose. This pattern was a trend in other times but, as often happens, it has returned and we see it frequently. In the tutorial we used as an example, they use a kit to achieve this, but it can also be done without.

To obtain this result, you must tie the fabric in several different places, for which you can help yourself with elastic bands. Then, you bathe the textile in the paint of the color you prefer (you can use a bucket and gloves) and then drain. After this, you hang your textiles in the air and let them dry.