3 tips for a perfect confinement with your partner

Posted on August 29th, 2020 12:41 PM
3 tips for a perfect confinement with your partner

These are the keys to make confinement with your partner more pleasant.
In principle, the possibility of  spending more time with a partner  should not displease anyone. 

However, when a prolonged coexistence is not chosen, but rather is the result of the  confinement measures  imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, our perspective changes. Life at home ,  once peaceful and balanced, becomes a  source of  stress  and anxiety  that we are not prepared to deal with. Here are some tips to help you make the best of your relationship  during these uncertain times.

Establish rules of coexistence and schedules  with your partner

Both you and your partner need to remember that you both have work, friends, and commitments outside of the relationship. Do not expect that, overnight, he or she dedicates 24 hours of their day to you . The healthiest thing is to establish a coexistence schedule that marks some limits: what moments of the day will be dedicated to work or professional duties and which to having fun together?

It is essential to respect these schedules. It also does not hurt to  divide housework ,  this will avoid that only one of you carries the responsibility of maintaining order and cleanliness of the house.

2. Avoid starting arguments

When we spend a lot of time with a person, it is normal that  everyday behaviors  that we have never noticed  begin to bother us . Perhaps your  partner  has a bad habit of leaving his clothes on the floor or, perhaps, he is too fussy about cleaning.

Whatever the case, every time his mania comes up, your patience diminishes and, little by little, you start to get the impression that you could explode‚Ķ Stop there! Before you do or say something that you will later regret, take a  breath and think a bit : is it really worth losing your mind over a question that you usually don't care about?  If your answer is a resounding yes, then it is time to consider the next point.

3. If there is something that really bothers you, say so

The foundation of any relationship is  good communication.  Expressing to your  partner  what inspires you about him or her, as well as what bothers you, is a fundamental step  to maintain a healthy coexistence . This is especially true during these days of confinement at home: if you start to keep discomforts, it is most likely that at some point you will end up reprimanding in a non-assertive way.  Don't be afraid to say what you feel .

Living in  confinement with your partner  is not easy.  However, with the right attitude,  good communication  and a bit of a cool head, living together at  home should  not cause stress.