4 tricks to wash the bedding and make it like new

Posted on January 28th, 2019 01:23 PM
4 tricks to wash the bedding and make it like new

If you like your bedding you will want it to last as long as possible. And one of the most important things for that to happen is to wash it correctly. If done properly, the bedclothes will not only last a long time, but will remain impeccable, will not shrink or make balls or lose their color .

1- Always read the labels of the manufacturers

More than a trick we are talking about something of pure logic: read the labels of the manufacturers. On the label we will find information as important as if the bedding can or can not be machine washed , the maximum temperature, if we can use the dryer and the instructions for using the iron.

Although most of the bedding is washed in the washing machine and can go to the dryer, in some cases this is not the case or certain programs can not be used , so you should always read the instructions and follow them to the letter so that sheets and quilts are like the first day.

When the manufacturer recommends not to wash a garment at home because it requires dry cleaning, it is because the fabric is very delicate. So the best thing is to take it into the hands of professionals or, if we do not want to give us that job or have that expense, read the labels well before buying the bedding to stay with the one that best fits our preferences or our comfort.

2- Use short wash cycles

In most cases the bedding is washed by hygiene but has no stains or appreciable dirt. A short wash at the temperature recommended by the manufacturer or at thirty degrees is usually more than enough for the bedding to be impeccable.

The more time the clothes are rotating in the washing machine drum, the greater the wear , so the shorter the program, the better. Contrary to popular belief, the dryer, if used well, does not shorten the life of the clothes and is very effective in killing the mites, which allows even the bedding to be washed in cold water and still be fit. for allergy sufferers

The dryer also helps to make the sheets less wrinkled and in many cases they do not need iron or they need very little iron after the drying cycle, which means that we not only save time, but also avoid subjecting the fabrics to the very high temperatures of the iron.

3- Better to Soak Stains

We have said that most of the time the sheets are clean and only wash for hygiene, but sometimes the sheets or bedspreads can be stained, especially those of the beds of children who can pee on the bed or leave drop a glass of cocoa, to give some examples.

In these cases the most advisable is to put the soaking spot with a specific product that is suitable for the type of fabric with which you are working. For example, a soft stain remover or the so-called bleach for colored clothing, which is not really bleach. Do not let the garment soak longer than necessary and just take it out, wash it as you usually do.

Thus, you will avoid having to put a very long wash cycle or wash at very high temperatures so that perfectly clean sheets are left. In any case, if you use very short washes you may have to use a normal cycle if there is still the shadow of the stain after applying the soak.

4- Take care of your washing machine

When you wash with the washing machine, it may be that the clothes get some spots or bad smell that the same appliance can produce. To avoid this you should check from time to time the lid of the washing machine and the rubber that is in the entrance to ensure that there is no soap residue or any other dirt that may have been deposited there and that is being transferred to clothing .

Try to use liquid detergents, as some powder detergents do not dissolve well, especially in cold water, and can leave globs on clothes. If you do not like softeners but the clothes smell good use a squirt of cleaning vinegar instead of this product. This will enhance the smell of the detergent and eliminate any other odor that may be on the clothes, such as some clothes pick up moisture. In addition, the clothes will be very soft.

Do not forget that it is good for the washing machine to ventilate it from time to time , so you can leave it open when you do not use it. This way, you will avoid bad odors in the drum that can be passed on to the clothes.