5 bedroom styles to change your room

Posted on March 25th, 2019 09:22 AM
5 bedroom styles to change your room

The good weather arrives and I'm sure you want to change the style of your room to make it look fresher and much more up-to-date. Therefore, we will review the different bedroom styles that you can get thanks to our summer bedspreads , the freshest and lightest in our catalog.

They are representative of all current trends and no matter what the style of your room, you will find a summer quilt that fits perfectly with it. Do not forget to order matching cushions with your summer bedspread to guarantee that everything in your room will be perfectly combined.

Total White, the purest fashion

Total white is fashionable for the bedroom. Not only the bedspread, but also the walls and curtains giving a fresh, slightly romantic and perfect image for very small rooms as they will look bigger and brighter. The white may seem a cold color at first sight, but once it breaks with that prejudice, it is discovered that not only is it a fresh hue, but it is also very elegant and gives the bedroom light and simplicity.

Our APPLIQUE CUT WORK Cotton Bedspread  is a good example of this style worn with great elegance, since it is a white summer bedspread, but it combines stripes in different directions also in white to give it a very original texture appearance.

Flowers and color for a summer party

No matter how long the white is worn, color will always be fashionable during the summer and that is why it is one of the trends that will also be worn this spring. The large flowers and leaves with different shades of green are perfect for your room to help you get up with lots of energy and good mood every day. The bedspread may be the only color note in the room, in which case you can abuse whatever you want of the colors and tones, or it can go with curtains and walls, taking care that everything is perfectly integrated.

The Quilted Tropical Kantha from our catalog is a good example of this trend, with all the color and strength that its print transmits and that is much more striking when it is on a white background in which it stands out.

The most romantic style

Romantic style is always fashionable. The bedroom is the best place in the house to bring out the most romantic side of a person and the bedspread can help create this environment. Flowers are one of the hallmarks of this style. This season they are brought in large size, but to be more own, they must be chosen in a single tone to create a very elegant and sober style.

Our  TROPICANA AQUA Kantha bedspread  is, perhaps, one of the most romantic summer bedspreads in our catalog. The dark fuchsia tone of its flowers is topical and thanks to the blue background and the green color of the leaves, the set is very elegant.

Stripes and borders are fashionable

One of the most repeated reasons during the winter in our quilts and also in our  bedspreads are the stripes and they are also present in our summer bedspreads. They are the most classic quilts, perfect for any age and for all styles of furniture. Of course, it is always possible to find models that go a little over the norm and that have a touch of rebelliousness and originality within the classic of this design.

This is the case of the  FLORAL RED bedspread , with different borders, which make up a very modern and elegant quilt that goes completely out of the ordinary and that is why it attracts the attention of anyone looking for a quilt with very good taste. It combines blue and garnet tones.

Geometric patterns that fall in love

The geometric prints were a strong trend in the seventies and now they are back in fashion, although with a different and much more current air. They are very simple models that adapt to all styles of furniture and that are valid for all ages, but which the younger ones like more because they go out of what they had seen so far in designs for bedspreads.

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