5 steps to make the living room more comfortable

Posted on October 1st, 2021 11:10 AM
5 steps to make the living room more comfortable

By now I think we have all realized the importance of being comfortable at home and, specifically in the living room, since it is the room dedicated to spending more hours of leisure and relaxation. If you want to create that feeling of comfort in your home, you will have to follow some primary steps to achieve it. There are  decorative aspects that will make you find the comfort you need, and that we will review below. With them you will be able to create a more comfortable living room with little effort.


Comfort does not only refer to factors such as those that we will see later. And is that some elements are relegated to the background if you do not enjoy good lighting. For example, to be able to enjoy relaxing moments reading a book without straining your eyes, or having a video game session without the brightness of the screen making a dent in your eye health due to being in an environment that is too dark.

Although it is true that the electricity bill has risen to unsuspected limits, a good idea is to opt for LED systems that save energy compared to traditional ones. This is demonstrated not only by light bulbs, but also by strips. Especially the latter will increase visual comfort, since only the light contribution will be visible without observing the source from which it comes (as long as you install them properly with the included adhesive tape).

Armchair or sofa with footrest

You may not realize it, but sitting in the conventional position, with your feet touching the ground, influences blood circulation to suffer. The feeling of having tired legs is a dead giveaway.

So that this does not happen and you can stay for as many hours as you want comfortably, it is advisable to have an armchair that implements a footrest. In this way you can have your legs up, with all the positive that this entails . Keep in mind that some sofas also have this mechanism that is generally activated with a handle located on one of the sides. Or, of course, you can use an armchair or sofa with a chaise longue.


Gone are the days when rugs were mere decorative elements. Today they also influence comfort , especially for lovers of the pleasure of walking barefoot inside the house. Stepping on the floor itself, the feeling is not one hundred percent gratifying, but everything changes if it is done with a carpet of considerable thickness and good material.

Certainly the decorative plus that it provides is considerable, but in this case we give importance above all to the comfort provided by the simple fact of, for example, sitting with your feet on the carpet. Comfort in its purest form.

Bright living room

Ceiling fan

Some months of the year, especially in certain places, the heat can be almost unbearable indoors. Getting rid of it is easy and you can even do it obtaining an optimal decorative result . This is perfectly demonstrated by the fans that are installed in the ceiling.

Despite their low consumption, they cool the lower area quite enough, so it is recommended to install them on top of the sofa or armchairs in which the owners or tenants will usually be. In addition, they are characterized by being very silent . It is recommended that the installation be carried out by a professional, which more than pays for itself over time.

Mosquito nets on the windows

Now that we talk about summer, it is undeniable that at this time there are more mosquitoes and insects in general, although they can really sneak into the living room throughout the year.

Preventing it is in your hands, it is enough to place mosquito nets on the various windows that can be kept open in the living room. Some of them are even aesthetic, especially the magnetic ones, so the decoration of the space will not suffer and you can be comfortable with a room that will also remain naturally ventilated.