5 tips to free up space at home

Posted on December 6th, 2022 07:39 AM
5 tips to free up space at home

It is becoming increasingly common that the size of houses does not correspond to our needs for adequate living space. Sometimes it is not just a matter of comfort but rather of necessity. But when we have no choice but to adapt to the circumstances, we have to pull our wits together and pull out a few tricks up our sleeves so as not to end up living in a small house that is also crowded and messy... Just thinking about it gives some of us goosebumps, so today we will review 5 tips to free up space at home and avoid living with chaos.

Five ways to free up space at home

Shelves and cabinets, your best friends

The first thing to do in order not to clutter our home is to learn to maintain order (in addition to not accumulating unnecessary things, but that's a story for another day). To achieve this, nothing is better than smart storage. If we make good use of our cabinets and shelves in a way in which we can easily store enough belongings, everything will be easier. The trick is to know where everything is placed to simplify the task of picking things up.

Tips to free up space at home

eye to the gaps

When we have little space at home, we must use our imagination so that any corner can be usable. Taking advantage of the holes that we find in every corner is an effective way to free up space with storage that, in turn, does not take up spaceThat is, put boxes, baskets, or the like in the space under the side table, the bed, or even the ladder, if we have it.

home storage

measure and conquer

A trick to free up space at home, but only visually, is not to use too large furniture. You must adapt to the size of the rooms before selecting the furniture that will occupy them, because a normal-sized room can appear crowded simply by having an overly large bed or sofa (and the reverse effect can also occur if the case is at all reverse). So, as we always say, the meter is your friend; measure the space, and you will win.

Small house

Secondaries can be the protagonists

Secondary actors in a film can sometimes contribute as much to the plot as the protagonists, if not more. The same thing can happen to us with secondary or auxiliary storage, which we should never underestimate. Without a hanger and a console with drawers or a bowl at the entrance, our coats, keys, and other belongings that we no longer need when we enter the house would be thrown everywhere instead of being placed and in order. Many times, a clothes rail or a small chest of drawers can help you declutter the space without taking up a lot of space.

extra storage

external aid

On many occasions, none of the above works or is sufficient for us; that's when we need some outside help. To give us that extra support, there are storage rental companies that can be very useful when it comes to freeing up space at home.

Thanks to this external storage place, you can make seasonal wardrobe changes, store sports equipment, or store anything that you are not going to use at that moment. This way, you can recover them when you need them without having to throw them away, and in the meantime, you will leave your house cleaner and more welcoming.

How to free up space at home

Which of these five tips do you prefer to do to free up space at home?