6 styles to decorate your hall

Posted on December 12th, 2020 06:13 PM
6 styles to decorate your hall

The entrance of our house is the first thing you see when entering and, therefore, your letter of introduction. That is why you have to pay special attention when decorating your hall . It should give a good welcome and create a cozy feeling. But it should also reflect your style and personality.

So, given the importance of having a well decorated entrance and to our liking, today we will review several options to carry out this idea. We will tell you what elements you need to easily achieve your preferred decorative style. Then, you just have to choose the one that best suits you and your home.

1- Industrial

A touch of wood and iron in your hall will give it that industrial tone that you may be looking for. You can sweeten it a bit with a pastel color or a more delicate fiber for your decorations. That way it won't be so cold but it will still be present.

6 styles to decorate your hall

2- Bohemian

Natural fibers, ethnic patterns and many plants. With these three elements, you will have your bohemian style achieved. Your entrance will be full of life and good vibes.

Styles to decorate your hall

3- Nordic

The black and white as protagonists will give sophistication to your entrance. If you achieve this chromatic combination thanks to furniture with simple lines and without many decorative elements, you will have your Nordic hall. Simplicity, elegance and practicality to welcome you.

6 styles to decorate your hall

4- Cheerful

A splash of color and a few bold embellishments will be enough to create a playful entryway. Let yourself be carried away by your personality and decorate a fun and cheerful hall just like you.

Styles to decorate your hall

5- Elegant

It is often said for clothes that with black you never fail, right? Well, to decorate an elegant entrance either. If you do not dare with this color on the wall, use it on the furniture. Add a sophisticated mirror and, for a more glamorous touch, some gold details. It will contract perfectly with wood, if you want to reduce its sobriety.

6 styles to decorate your hall

6- DIY

An entrance made to measure is an entrance where you have made an element with your own hands. Pull some DIY that you like and get the area with the most personality in your home. The perfect style if you want to decorate your hall with recycling and you like the eco-friendly touch.

6 styles to decorate your hall

With which of these styles would you like to decorate your hall?


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