6 tricks to sleep well in your bedroom

Posted on September 24th, 2022 03:45 PM
6 tricks to sleep well in your bedroom

Sleeping well is essential for a healthy life and the benefits of doing so go far beyond depriving us of sleep. From reducing stress and certain diseases, helping to improve mood or maintain weight , to making you more creative and efficient thanks to brain rest. Having a restful sleep is so important that it is worth paying attention to the details that can help us achieve it.

How is the ideal room to sleep well?

Those small gestures that help us sleep better are also found in our bedroom and we ourselves are responsible for carrying them out. That is why today we will review six simple but effective tricks that will contribute to achieving that comforting rest that benefits us so much on a day-to-day basis.

What to put in the bedroom to sleep soundly

6 changes in the bedroom that help you sleep better

If you are wondering how to sleep better or what to put in the room to sleep well, do not miss these tips. They are very easy to carry out and will not take up too much time in your daily life.

Renew the mattress and pillows

This point is not in dispute: if you do not have the right mattress and pillows for you , you will sleep worse. It is important, in addition to adapting to the needs of each one, to renew them from time to time. Many times we forget or are lazy to change the mattress every 10 years (as is advisable) for economic reasons, but today it is easy to find cheap and quality mattresses at the same time, so there are no excuses. In the case of pillows , although they are washable, they should be renewed more often, approximately every 2 years according to experts in the field.

Choose a relaxing decoration

Of course, we could not leave the decoration of the bedroom out, but apart from the fact that we like it, it is also important to sleep well. Creating a pleasant and comfortable environment is essential to reach the most relaxed moment of closing your eyes, so the decoration does count. The main bases to follow at this point are: do not clutter the room, maintain order and, in the most aesthetic case, choose calming colors such as blue or green.

Colors to paint the bedroom

Avoid ambient noise

It seems obvious, but it is something that we do not always comply with. Not having unnecessary noise at bedtime helps to fall asleep and makes it more restful. To achieve this, we can use decorative tricks such as rugs to reduce noise pollution in the room. But also close the windows and turn off all electronic devices (except the alarm, unfortunately and by obligation). By the way, if after what has been said you were wondering where to put the TV, the answer is clear: in the living room .

Dim the lighting

Beyond having some nice lamps that we like (which we also recommend), the bulb they use is also important. So that when we get to bed the light does not wake us up too much and helps us to arrive more relaxed to the dream we are looking for, the lighting in the bedroom should be in yellow or orange tones . Nothing better than a dim light before going to bed, but remember that as soon as it's time to close your eyes, the lights go out. Both not leaving the light on and using low-consumption light bulbs contribute to better sleep and also, incidentally, to saving electricity (something that also helps to fall asleep...).

bedroom with plants

Maintain a suitable temperature

Another important trick when trying to sleep well is to keep the bedroom at a suitable temperature. For experts this temperature would be around 20 degrees , being able to raise or lower a couple of them depending on each person. Although sometimes it is complicated, what it is about is having the environment of the room at those degrees on a regular basis, not sleeping buried in blankets against the cold and obtaining that temperature only under them, for example.

purify the air

Finally, never forget a detail that is as hygienic and effective as it is simple: ventilate the room. This is the basic part to be able to purify the air that we are going to breathe and it will facilitate our restful sleep. As is generally recommended in the house, a mere 20 minutes will be enough to ventilate the bedroom and clean the environment. To purify it even more, we can use something as decorative as a plant ( yes, you can sleep with them as long as you don't turn the room into a jungle).