Activities to do with children at home during preventive isolation

Posted on March 23rd, 2020 05:24 PM
Activities to do with children at home during preventive isolation

With schools closing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many children have had to stay home with mothers and fathers who try to keep them entertained by all means. So who can be more creative than fathers and mothers themselves? That is why we have asked these experts to come up with ideas to keep children busy during this necessary isolation.

How to entertain children at home during the closing of schools due to coronavirus

It may seem impossible to have children entertained at home during preventive isolation due to the coronavirus crisis , especially if you have to telecommute, but we assure you that there are activities with which you can have fun without leaving home, beyond of the classic board games.

List these 10 fun activities to do with children during preventive isolation from the coronavirus:

  • Drawings and crafts . Yes, it may seem obvious, but drawing is one of the favorite activities of young children. You can print drawings of your favorite Disney characters or fashion series to recreate for a while. Mandalas can be a great option for older children, not only for entertainment but also for relaxation. On the Internet you have countless resources and ideas, both for drawing and for making crafts with children of different ages.

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  • Yoga for children. If yoga suits you, you can introduce your children to the practice of this sport, which is so beneficial for the body and mind, with which your children will reduce stress and improve concentration and creativity. You can find on YouTube numerous yoga videos for children with the most suitable exercises for each age.
  • Performing arts. If your children are motivated by singing, dancing or theater, let them give free rein to the artist inside them. In addition to having fun, they will be doing physical exercise and will compensate for the lack of activity these days at home. If the theater suits them better, you can simulate a representation of their favorite story among family members. It is sure to be an unforgettable experience.
  • Cooking with children. Children love cooking, even little ones. Take advantage of these days to introduce them to the world of gastronomy, perhaps preparing their favorite sponge cake or inventing a new pasta recipe. Maybe you will find out that you have a little superchef at home! In addition to having fun, they will be learning the importance of nutrition to stay healthy.
  • New readings. You can surprise your child with a new book for these days. In the online stores of the main bookstores and leisure stores you have many options that you can buy without leaving home.

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  • Help with household chores. Yes, it is true, it may seem boring, but with so many free hours it is good that they take responsibility for part of the housework. If your children are young, they can simply pick up their room or clean the dust. For the older ones, you can reserve tasks such as washing dishes or hanging clothes. In this way, they will occupy their free time, while becoming aware of the importance of sharing domestic work.
  • Track games. They require more preparation time, but your children will have a great time. You can play the typical game of hiding an object for them to find or, if you have more time, hiding clues all over the house that lead to a treasure, perhaps a chocolate bar or a small toy.
  • Physical exercise. It is convenient that your children move these days and avoid sedentariness despite being at home. In addition to dancing, you can promote games like hide and seek to keep them active or improvise an aerobics class, for example.
  • Plan the next trip together. Older children will enjoy planning the next family trip . Maybe these days you can decide the next getaway, look for accommodation and think about the activities to do, such as adventure sports or trekking routes.
  • Educational videos. Even if they do not go to class, it is recommended that they do not disconnect completely. If they are already bored of turning the books and index cards of the school, you can look for educational videos on the subjects that are working in the classroom, in this way they will learn in a different way than usual.