Bedding Trends For 2019

Posted on February 4th, 2019 12:13 PM
Bedding Trends For 2019

The catalogs of bedding have mainly two seasons: summer and winter. But with the change of the year and the beginning of winter as a station proper, many people are encouraged to renew their bedding and these people take into account not only the trends that designers have offered at the beginning of the season, but also those that have definitely penetrated among the people.

Not all the offers that make us at the end of summer for the fall / winter season end up being successful. That's why they are not limited to a single bet and launch different collections inspired by different trends. But at this point of the year we can already know which ones are here to stay and which ones have been lost a bit in oblivion or have been relegated to minorities.

Let's review the most vivid trends in bedding to know what we should buy in this beginning of 2019 , perhaps taking advantage of the rebates to renew the bedding and update a bit the appearance of the room.

Quilts & Comforters 

If you thought that with the fashion of the quilts and with the duvet covers the quilts would end up disappearing, nothing could be further from reality. In fact, this 2019 will be a trend for more youthful rooms and are one of the most vital bets.

The stuffed cotton quilt is perfect for those who want order and organization, as they leave the bed neatly made and a neat appearance . For this reason, this type of quilts not only succeed with the youngest, we can also see them in traditional bedrooms.

The stuffed cotton quilt has definitely a marked youthful spirit and this 2019 aspires to be in the rooms of almost all teenagers and young couples. It offers all the warmth of filling but you do not have to put a cover, making it as comfortable as a quilt.

In addition, it allows to make the bed covering or not the pillow, so it can be given the appearance that most likes and adapts to all kinds of people. With so many advantages, it is not uncommon for this year to start with an increase in sales.

Natural reasons for your bedspreads

If you like the patterns on your bedspreads, you should bet on the natural reasons, which are one of the strongest trends for this season and that continue to be a trend in 2019. Not only large leaves or small flowers are worth for your bedspreads, You can also bet on other relaxing reasons such as butterflies or petals.

The key is that the pattern is balanced and not strident because the bedroom is a place where you must breathe peace and where you want to rest, so everything must encourage this feeling of relaxation. Therefore, we recommend that you combine these motifs with pastel tones that will make everything fit much better.

Bet on the garnet

Now that the winter season is well underway, we can get an idea of ​​which trends of the proposals at the beginning of the season have been successful and which have not been so successful. In a matter of colors the truth is that this year have come very well to people the proposed tones. We have seen how the mustard or bottle green tones have had great success as well as earth tones .

But if you want to bet on the one that is being the star color in the bedding of this season then you should lean on the garnet . Many are betting on the garnet as the great tone for what remains of winter and for the next autumn of 2019 and we really think that they are not wrong.

One of the best ways to bet on the garnet is not being the only tone in the bedding, but to combine it with other lighter or very neutral colors that make the bed look much more elegant. This combination must be done in large horizontal strips, another of the most successful trends this season.

The golden tones, which also have a full force , are very good with the garnet and also the silver and gray. But although the gold and silver tones are the ones that best fit with the garnet color, the earth also looks great and is another of the fashions of the season, so we can play with beige, brown or ocher to achieve different results and achieve a bedroom that has that personal air we are looking for.

The final result will always be very elegant, especially if we also play with cushion covers combined to make the bed look as welcoming as possible.