Bedspreads: Guide to Choosing the Best Bedspread

Posted on September 26th, 2020 01:11 PM
Bedspreads: Guide to Choosing the Best Bedspread

Although it seems that today only quilts dominate the most private area of ​​the house, nothing is further from the truth. The quilts were, are and will continue to be true best sellers. The reason is simple. They are pretty and they like each other .

However, they are not just a decorative element that we turn to when we want to have a 5-star bed. They also fulfill the function of sheltering by themselves in the warmest and most temperate seasons, because… in the middle of summer we have all woken up, some night, well frozen… or not?

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But even in these seasons, the degree of comfort that everyone needs varies, and a lot! That is why choosing the quilt that best suits your habits or tastes is essential. So today we bring you a very complete guide so that you can be amazed at the different  types of bedspread that exist in the market - you, who thought that there was only one bedspread - and help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

What do we consider quilt?

The quilt is a piece of fabric (usually made of cotton, polyester or a mixture of both) that covers the bed as a final decorative element - that is, it is placed on the sheets, pillows and (possible) blankets. Hence, they are also known as bedspread or bedspread -.

They do not usually have padding because their main use is ornamental - in fact, it is usual to remove them to sleep - and if they do, it is very light. As it is a decorative garment, it is usually coordinated with other components of the bedroom, such as curtains or cushions, creating a very harmonious set.

Quilted bedspreads

It is one of the most appreciated garments thanks to its dual function: decorates and shelters. This quilt is made up of two layers of thick fabric - at least thicker than other quilts - with padding inside. Like a quilt, it is stitched both around its perimeter and inside, creating geometric lines or patterns that prevent the filling from shifting (depending on the shapes of the stitching, they are sometimes referred to as quilts ).

Then you ask yourself, how do they differ from a quilt? Well, since the fabrics used are usually the same, they only differ in weight (amount of filling per m2). Quilted bedspreads hardly exceed 150gr / m2, while for quilts, this would be the minimum weight.

The Quilted is especially indicated in autumn and spring , when it can offer us by itself the degree of warmth we need (cold people may need an additional blanket in autumn). If we want to keep it in winter, we can place it folded at the foot of the bed, on the duvet. This will give more elegance to the bedroom by making the bed thicker - in addition, of course, to be able to pull it if the night ends up being very cold -.

In terms of designs , there is such a variety that you will easily find a Quilted that fits the style of your room. From classic designs, with glitters, to the best known such as the Provencal and romantic style (in everyone's collective memory are the bedspreads full of flowers or the patchwork type ) to the vintage or boho style . What is clear is that they tend to have very decorative and cheerful patterns because their fabrics allow digital printing , which translates into more vivid and higher quality colors. Therefore, they are also a perfect alternative for the youngest who always look for the bedspreads to reflect their hobbies and tastes.

Summer Quilts

The summer quilt is the thinnest of all - so close to the thickness of a sheet. It is the  quilt par excellence because its function is merely decorative, so it is indicated for the hottest days - hence it is also called a summer  quilt -. It is characterized by a very soft touch and is usually made with natural and fine fabrics such as canvas or cotton.


Although in most cases, the quilt is something that you take off at bedtime, it does not hurt to make sure to choose an appropriate measure that covers you well in case you need it as a cover - as you will surely do with the bouti quilt -. On the other hand, the bedspreads must fall gracefully on the bed and reach the floor without dragging, or else they will be poor , ruining your decoration. To give you an idea, there is practically a quilt for each bed size, although not all manufacturers will be able to offer you all the possibilities.


A quilt is a durable piece if you take good care of it. For this reason, it is essential that you follow the manufacturer's instructions when it comes to cleaning it, although we are going to give you some little tips that will surely not be too much for you.

Among them, one fundamental: air the quilt every day , at least for 10 minutes. This way it won't be necessary to wash it too often. When you do, before putting the quilt in the washing machine, pay attention to the sides and edges , as they may need extra cleaning. But even in these cases, use only soap to remove dirt, never bleach or you will ruin the garment. Other basic general tips are: make sure the water does not exceed 30 degrees, choose a delicate spin and always dry it in the shade.

Oh, and don't forget to also look for a space to store it , because one of the advantages of using bedspreads is that thanks to their affordable prices, you can have several that you will exchange not only depending on the temperature, but also depending on your desire. to redecorate the house - and by the way, your life - who gives more?