Change a bedroom with six small & low cost ideas

Posted on February 6th, 2021 02:17 PM
Change a bedroom with six small & low cost ideas

For this week I want to show you ideas to change a bedroom easily and cheaply . We are all going to find them in the same room , a relaxing stay, with many elements although it is not overloaded, and, above all, with a lot of imagination and good taste (click on the link if you want to see the before and after and all the details decoration ). Sometimes the modifications that seem the simplest are the most significant , so don't miss any!

1. A good way to start changing the bedroom is to replace the usual lamps with something more current and original like this wall light that also does not take up any space on the bedside table. 

DIY for lamp in bedroom

2. As I taught you in this post, having adressing room in the bedroom is possible even if you don't have much space. Using donkeys and shelves, which are so fashionable, you can create such a space in a corner if we know how to organize it well. We only need to do some "inventory" to decide if we need more area to hang or to store and thus divide the space we have.

Dressing room inside the bedroomDressing room with low cost ideas

3. Another trend that we see very often is decorating with compositions of paintings. You can change the look of a room with something as simple as frames, photos, or canvases. 

Decorate the bedroom with pictures

4. Reuse some old furniture, either restored or customized to your liking, it will give a special touch to the decoration of your bedroom while making it more personal. Pieces such as old tables, sideboards, trunks... will also provide extra storage to the room, so if you have them, don't hesitate!

Furniture recovered as a dressing table

5. One of the simplest tricks used to modify the appearance of a room is to place a mirror strategically, so that it reflects the light from a window to give luminosity and its reflection gives a greater feeling of spaciousness.


Mirrors that expand the space in the bedroom

6. Finally, following current trends, the most daring can change their usual night stands for almost anything. A recycled piece of furniture, a wooden log, a ladder, a console.. The options we can find are limitless if we put a little imagination and daring.