Change The Decoration Of Your Bedroom With Textiles

Posted on November 19th, 2018 10:37 AM
Change The Decoration Of Your Bedroom With Textiles

More and more people are interested in decoration and interior design and want to change the style of their homes more often. Of course not everyone has a budget high enough to consider changing the color of the walls, furniture and even the floors of their homes ...

But in the case of some rooms it can be much easier ... How? We propose a very economical way to change the decoration of the bedrooms . As simple as choosing new textiles with different colors than you have or with original prints and you will see how the decorative style gives a change of 180 degrees.

Change The Look Just By Changing Home Textile

Have you noticed that sometimes just changing the duvet cover allows the room to have another luminosity ? Try using more textile elements and you will be surprised! Actually it is a simple trick, that does not require renovations or works in the house , which can serve us for the whole house: from the household items, going through the sheets and quilts  , cushions , curtains or something as simple as a new carpet.

That easy! You just have to choose between the wide catalog of products and styles of textiles , and the rooms will have a different decoration. 

We propose some basic textiles that you can change your bedroom in a comfortable way and much cheaper than you think. Keep in mind that the choice you make between different colors, prints, thicknesses and different touches, size, etc., will be key to get a practically new room!


There are all sizes, fabrics and colors. Do not hesitate to decorate the bed with cushions (never too many) that combine with the rest of textiles and serve to provide a small decorative contrast. Like the cushions, there are many other decorative textile accessories that will help you make a change with very small changes. Do not miss them!

Quilts and covers 

As we said a few lines above, many times just by choosing a duvet cover with a different print we already have the feeling of a new bedroom. And is that the bed is usually, in general, the furniture that occupies more space in the room so it is essential to take care that the color of our quilt is the one that marks the decorative style of the entire stay, choose your favorite!


A blanket can become a most useful utensil, especially in the cold months, and also in a decorative element with which to achieve a contrast of colors and shapes by putting it on top of the Nordic. Try different textures, thicker and softer, so you can notice the effect even more.


Changing the color of the curtains of the room will not only combine with the rest of the elements of the room, but it can become the key to achieve a greater luminosity in it. Using clear and translucent tones your room will look much wider and will be filled with light.  


With a carpet in different finishes and with a different texture we get the contrast effect that we mentioned with the blankets. How much softer and fluffier your bedroom will be!

The best thing is to combine them together getting a range of colors suitable to the rest of furniture, color of the walls and floors but always in a very simple way.

The textiles can be changed as many times as you want so you can change the decoration of your bedroom simply by replacing them with the changes of season by other more chords. Make sure to explore our website to choose from a wide range of  home textiles, to change the look of your home.