Combine green and pink in interior decoration

Posted on March 20th, 2021 02:34 PM
Combine green and pink in interior decoration

Sometimes it happens that, something that we already knew before, suddenly begins to attract more attention. The green and pink combination is not new in interior decoration, but lately it attracts me more and more. Our tastes are changing and it is logical that, even things that we have at home and before we loved, now they do not tell us anything, or vice versa.

The same thing that happens with decoration happens to us with clothes, hair, and even with people ... But let's not go down those paths, let's be inspired by some images and examples of how we can decorate with pink and green colors in our house .

Bet on velvet.

The easiest way to add a specific color to your decoration without changing it too much is with textiles . That being said, if those new shades don't match the rest, it won't be the best idea. But if we have a neutral base in the room, it is easy for them to fit. In the case of pink and green, the perfect way to incorporate them is in the form of velvet . They look great together and add more sophistication and femininity if possible. If you like the idea, you do not have to stay on the cushions or rugs, you can even jump in with the sofa.

Green velvet sofa.

Decorated with green and pink velvet.

Full color walls.

Bold, yes. Eye-catching and full of personality, too. The option of painting the walls with these colors is not for all audiences. Of course, whoever dares, will not leave anyone indifferent. You can choose some pastel and softer tones to preserve originality and subtract a bit of daring.

Walls in green and pink tones.

Striking colored walls.

The most elegant tropical.

The tropical style has entered our homes in various ways years ago. The most direct way to add a green touch to an interior is to add plants , even on wallpaper walls . With them we already have green incorporated; the pink can go in the furniture or in the decorative details.

Tropical style in decoration.
Bedroom decorated in green and pink.

Any stay is good.

Not only living rooms or bedrooms can benefit from this color combination. In bathrooms and kitchens it is the most original used in tiles, lamps or even the most modern sinks.

Bathrooms in pink and green.

Green tiles for kitchens.

Pink and green total look .

If the combination is convincing you, you might like one in which practically everything is green and pink. Only suitable for the biggest fans of these colors and the less conventional ones. Would you dare with your house?

Decoration in pastel tones.
Bedroom in green and pink tones.
Decorate with pink and green.