Create The Perfect Dressing Room

Posted on January 18th, 2021 12:46 PM
Create The Perfect Dressing Room

Any excuse is good to remodel or create a dressing room from scratch : the change of season, maintain order and cleanliness, a wardrobe renovation.  But what we will talk about today is not any of those very practical reasons, but the decoration of that corner of the house that can enchant us as much as any other part of our home.

The dressing can be more than an area for storing clothes. They are the place where we prepare ourselves in the morning to enjoy a new day. That reason alone deserves that we pay attention and give it a little love. That is why today we are going to give some key tips to make the dressing room of our dreams finally come true.

Order in the room

Something that always gives us a feeling of comfort and serenity is the order in a room. They are feelings that seem quite positive to start the day, right? Maintaining order is always important so that your home welcomes you when you get home, but also to make you feel good before leaving it. That is why it is essential that your walk-in closet is well organized and reflects a clean feeling. 

Olivia Culpo's dressing room

A touch of luxury

A dressing room is something that sounds like luxury (in fact, it is, not everyone has one) and that is why its decoration calls for glamor. We can give it to you by adding golden details, textiles with animal print or something as elegant and striking as a chandelier. 

Bloggers dressing rooms

Surface counts

More than useful in an open dressing room it is to have some surface where to put items that we take off and put on. It can be in the form of an island if the space is generous, and even serve to take advantage of it as extra storage.  Another option is to take the opportunity to create a dressing table where we can also sit with a desk-style table. Or, if space is limited, with a seat and a side table we will get out of the way.

Attention to detail

Like all spaces, a custom dressing room requires good planning. You have to take measures and know what we will need from that stay that will dress us every morning. Of course, there are essential elements, such as a full-length mirror and good lighting. We must also think about the storage that we will need depending on what we want to keep.