Current classic style: how to survive fashions

Posted on December 14th, 2019 10:30 AM
Current classic style: how to survive fashions

One of the great advantages of classical environments is that they are timeless. They have passed the test of time and work in a current space with the elegance that only gives the experience.

The current classic style conveys  tradition. In addition, it is harmonic because it perfectly combines the best of the past and present .

By definition, a classic is one that has managed to survive its time to become a reference for later generations.

Cozy spaces

Classic interiors are not governed by fashion , so they are not in danger of becoming obsolete. The key to succeed with this style is to achieve a timeless, but not outdated environment.

In this way, it is possible to mix period pieces with modern elements . The use of new technologies is not ruled out, but they only appear in their rightful place.

Current classic style. Detail to detail

Current Classic Style

All the elements that integrate a classic decoration are finely worked and elaborated with excellent quality materials : large fall fabrics, handmade carpets , noble woods ...

You run away from stridencies in the color scheme . The most striking touches are reserved for small decorative elements.

Light colors are used for the coatings , including the entire range of cakes. These are combined with strong colors, among which garnet, greens, dark reds and browns stand out.

Cheerful prints are  also frequently used but without falling into stridency, such as the cretons that give the environment a stately air. Other options to choose from are: jacquard , chenille, velvet and linen.

Well worked furniture

Chester sofa in gray.

Furniture is decisive in the configuration of a classic interior . We will detail the main features that you should take into account when choosing them.

  • The classic furniture is distinguished by the quality of its wood, as well as its finishes and details . The furniture features: punched or sculpted legs, carved surfaces and inlaid marquetry.
  • Much of the furniture is traditionally designed , true classics of the home such as the chord sofa or the armchair. It is highly recommended to update them with upholstery of current colors.
  • Highlights are the auxiliary furniture made of wood and ceramics , along with other materials such as forging, porcelain and glass. Furniture with decorative functions such as the buffet, the showcase and the dressing table are also used.
  • Natural furniture is combined with authentic pieces or reproductions of the main period styles , bringing great elegance to the environment.

Current classic style. Premium Materials

Wood is the main material of classic spaces. There are predominantly noble woods, among which walnut, mahogany, cherry and oak stand out . They are frequently presented with wax finishes.

Marble is also one of the preferred materials since it prints an air of luxury and refinement. It is used to cover the floors of any room and as a wall covering in the bathroom.

The skin is key when it comes to recreating this style . It is frequently used to upholster sofas, armchairs or coffee tables. It can also appear as a covering on the walls or as upholstery of the headboard of the bed.

Let's go to the most delicate accessories

Porcelain vases with hand-painted drawings.

Details and accessories have a leading role. To achieve a refined atmosphere, these decorative elements must be delicate and elegant .

Art objects, such as sculptures and paintings, mainly figurative, are very common . Do not hesitate to place them in any corner of your home, they will always give a good result.

Mirrors , chandeliers and decorative lamps are usually placed , all arranged in a harmonious and moderate way so that stridence is not created in the room. 

Fine porcelain pieces are also very typical in the classical style , preferably if they are authentic period works, such as the exquisite vases of the Chinese classical dynasties.

You must bear in mind that this style admits very well the big and heavy draperies and all the accessories that accompany them: carved bars, clamps, borlones, special rails ...

Decorate with carpets

Types of Persian rugs.

Did you know that decorating this style with carpets is an almost mandatory option? Let me tell you that the carpets that we recommend you use are wool and silk .

Oriental rugs are particularly valued for their beauty and perfect finish , among which the Persians stand out. Turks , Indians and Caucasians are also highly appreciated .

Do not think twice, if you identify with the current classic style, put into practice the keys that we have given you. You will not fail!