Daily routines that will improve order in your home

Posted on March 4th, 2019 12:31 PM
Daily routines that will improve order in your home

Home textiles can make the house much more pleasant and cozy , but if there is no order, there will be no curtains, quilts or sofa covers that can work magic. The order is very important in the home and, sometimes, getting it is just a matter of some very simple routines.

That is why, on this occasion, we are not going to talk as much about home textiles as about order , which allows them to shine in all their splendor and make the house look as beautiful as we like.

Routines when you get home

It is highly recommended to change clothes and shoes when you get home , so you will be more comfortable and also avoid staining the floor or upholstery. Therefore, it is good to have a place to leave your shoes and coat as soon as you arrive, especially in winter. A closet in the hallway is a great tool , but if you do not have a hanger and a bench to take off your shoes, they can be worth it.

You must also have thought, the place to leave the work material or the bag of school books . It is not worth leaving it in the entrance or throwing it on the bed, but, you have to have a space specially designed for it. What good is it to have a nice quilt on the bed if you do not see it with everything left over?

Routines in the bathroom

One of the times when the house is most often messed up is when everyone is showering at the same time and we want to run to make room. Therefore, it is essential to have simple routines in the shower and an established order in the bathroom.

To begin with, it is a good idea to have a bucket for dirty clothes in the bathroom . Thus, when you undress, you can put everything in the bucket to wash, and you will be removing clothes that otherwise may end up in a pile, as well as wet towels.

Wicker baskets or similar are always a good alternative in the bathroom to store large things , such as hair dryer, tweezers, etc. The latter occupy a lot of room in the drawers, which is best reserved for those small items, such as makeup products.

Place inside the drawers pieces to order and to be able to place each type of item in a section always helps to leave everything in place, quickly, and locate it without having to search from all sides. In the case of children, a good idea is that their spaces in the drawer are of a certain color, so they can identify them quickly and know where they have to leave their things.

Routines before bedtime

At night , we are always a little more relaxed than in the morning and that is why it is the best time to make sure everything is in order and well organized. Hanging clothes that we have removed and is not to wash or leave ready the next day's clothes are things that take us a few minutes, but save time in the morning and prevent us end up taking several things out of the closet and leaving them out while we decide what to wear

Getting used to keeping each room you go through before going to bed orderly also helps the house be in order. Having storage spaces in the living room allows you to leave many things that you like to use, but that do not look good on the table or furniture, like the blankets to watch TV. Puffs, which allow you to keep things inside, or sofas with chest, are good examples of places to keep this kind of things and that the room is always orderly.


Involves the whole family

The whole family must be involved in order at home. Children too, even if they are small. Teaching them to pick up their things when they finish playing and go to bed is a way to empower them to be ordained adults.

For children, large containers work very well , since they allow them to put all their things inside without having to worry about them keeping a specific place. Thus, they learn first to collect, and later they can move from the toy container to a shelf, which needs a little more involvement.

We must not forget that children do not do what we teach them with words like what we show them with facts , so if we want them to have their room collected it is good to see that the rest of the house is too.