Decorate for rent: 5 basic tips

Posted on June 19th, 2021 01:38 PM
Decorate for rent: 5 basic tips

Decorating for rent is not the same as decorating your own home. When you decorate for yourself you follow your tastes and needs, but that is something you should not do if what you want is to rent your flat or your house . There are some keys to make your home the most desirable for your future tenant. It is these simple guidelines that will help you make your apartment or house the chosen one, at least when it comes to the first impression. That is why today, we will see the basic tips to make your rental home seem like the perfect home.

How to decorate for rent in a simple way and without works

1. Light up the space

A bright room gives a feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness. The white walls or neutral and light colors will help you give light to the place. Take advantage of the natural light from the windows and do not cover them too much with curtains or blinds , especially if they are dark or small. Also choose furniture in shades that reflect the light well.

Decoration for renting a home

2. Do not recharge the stays

Your rental home should have what it takes to live in it and not much else. Let your tenant complete the rooms with their own accessories and do not overdo it with auxiliary furniture. The clearer the environment is, the bigger it will seem, and this will also help us achieve that feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness that we talked about in the previous point.

Decorate to rent a flat

3. Furnish and decorate "everything" and "for everyone"

By "everything" I mean that you do not leave forgotten areas such as the hall or hall just because they are passing through, they will also give points when choosing a home. By "for all" I mean that you do not know who your future tenant will be, you should not anticipate their needs. If you have two rooms, don't prepare one specifically for a child or an office; a basic guest room can become both later, for example.

Tips for decorating to rent a home

4. Get a neutral and timeless decoration

When your decoration is for rent and not for you, you cannot get too carried away by the trends of the moment. Choose a somewhat more timeless furniture , it is better to succumb to what is most worn in some accessory or secondary furniture, so you will give a modern touch to your home without reducing the range of your possible future tenants.

Neutral and timeless decor

5. Add value with details

Although the rest of the tips are aimed at creating a more "global" decoration with a more universal taste, this last tip is for your home to stand out from the rest . A neutral decoration may appeal to people in general, but what can make the difference are the small details. Do not overdo it, as we mentioned in point two, but do provide some accessories that turn a simple apartment into a future home. Add plants, scented candles, and details like a nice duvet cover or a nice rug. If you can get someone to imagine living there… Mission accomplished!

Simple decoration