Decorate the dining room: formal vs. informal

Posted on October 21st, 2019 09:58 AM
Decorate the dining room: formal vs. informal

Deciding on a formal or informal dining room depends on several factors, the dimensions of the house and, also, our personal tastes. Today we wonder if we want a formal dining room, an informal dining room or, perhaps, both.

Our way of life, the small size of the town houses and the trends in decoration on open-plan houses are affecting the way we decorate the dining room .

It seems that the formal dining room loses points against the idea of ​​a more informal dining room . But is that really so? The advantages of having a formal dining room are many, although deciding on an informal dining room is also a good bet.

Basically, it will depend on the space you have at home and your lifestyle . If you like to receive and cook for your friends and family, or if your way of life is not especially reflected in your relationship with food , there are several factors to analyze when deciding on one of the two options.

Let's stop and analyze what differences exist between one and the other , and what are the most current ideas to decorate each of them. In this way, it will be a little easier for you to decide on either one when you go to decorate the dining room.

What do we understand by informal dining?

Informal dining room.

There are several types of informal dining. We may use an area of ​​the living room or kitchen to install the dining room, that is, a space that is shared with some other area of ​​the house . In addition, this space can be given other uses, such as working, studying or using it to keep home accounting.

These are spaces that are used for everything : breakfast , lunch and dinner, and it is also where we serve our guests when we have guests at home. This idea is increasingly widespread, to the point of having given them a very prominent priority in the demands to decorate the dining room.

They began as small corners of breakfast and have gained ground. On the other hand, many of the houses and apartments built prior to the fashion of open silverware included the dining room in the same room as the living room. These are also considered as informal dining rooms. Therefore, they are flexible and dynamic spaces .

Decorate the informal dining room

Decorate an informal dining room.

Decorating the informal dining room, as we have seen, does not depend so much on the distribution of space. In this case, we focus on the type of furniture, starting with the table. The aesthetics of an informal dining room does not dress the table .

When we leave the table without setting, it is an invitation to sit down for any other activity. Therefore, on an informal dining table, the decoration will be very simple . We will not find more than a simple floral center and nothing more .

As for the chairs, we can increase the feeling of informal dining through its style and upholstery. Avoid the classic cut chairs , antiques and delicate upholstery . The chairs in an informal dining room are preferably comfortable and easy to keep clean.

What do we understand as a formal dining room?

Formal dining room.

We go to the opposite extreme and now make a commitment to the return of the formal dining room. This happens, unavoidably, for having a room exclusively for the dining room . This room is not used for daily meals, and is always reserved for special occasions.

It also has space for several guests. One expects from a formal dining room that at least 6 or 8 people can sit at the table .

At present, the formal dining room - when it is available - is usually used daily by the family during the most important meal of the day , or during which they all share, usually being dinner.

Decorate the formal dining room

Decorate a formal dining room.

To decorate the formal dining room, we must consider how much and when we will use it. If we are going to reserve it only to attend guests, we will choose a large table, always rectangular and majestic , in which we can accommodate many people.

The same advice we will follow for the choice of chairs. Chairs are decorative elements capable of changing the decoration of a room by themselves . We will prefer, preferably, elegant chairs without arms, since these create a lighter aesthetic and suggest proximity.

High-backed chairs are much more formal than low-back chairs . We do not neglect the decoration of the rest of the room. This dining room is given special care in the provision of tablecloths, napkins and all the accessories of a formal meal.

Decorating the formal dining room includes adding furniture for the dishes, showcases, auxiliary cars and, if we have space and budget, a good fireplace that will delight our guests and our own, with all the luxury and sophistication of the large dining rooms of yore.