Decorate Your Home With These Textile Elements

Posted on January 14th, 2019 01:01 PM
Decorate Your Home With These Textile Elements

One of the aspects that more personality marks inside a house, is the selection of textiles of each one of the rooms. These textiles, are presented in elements that seem indispensable inside a home, since a house without them would not be conceived. The bed linen , the plaids , the curtains , the cushions ... in short, a series of elements that by choosing them you can decorate your house in many different ways, we are going to offer you some ideas.

Bedroom: the most personal space

In the bedding, the bedspread  are the main protagonists. The bedroom is one of the most intimate places in the house and more conducive to rest, so one of the most sought-after environments is to be cozy and warm. For this, you can count on duvet covers made of 100% cotton that will give you a soft touch, which will be much more relaxing and with reddish or warm colors, inviting you to enter inside.

The textiles of the bed  can be combined with different patterns that match the walls or combine them with several matching cushions. The ideal thing to use duvet cover is that you can forget about wrinkles, a very interesting aspect for those people who have less time and want to make the bed much faster. You can accompany this duvet cover with matching sheets, the same color, or in combination with the pattern of your case. Depending on the type of decoration you are looking for, you can play with the colors, looking for a more daring or romantic touch or a much more sober or elegant one.

Textile complements: plaids, curtains, cushions, carpets and tablecloths

Although they generally occupy a second place in the decoration of houses, these complements are very useful to generate contrast of color and forms that will bring harmony to the different rooms of our house.

Plaids: functional and decorative

Probably the plaids or light blankets  are one of the resources to which we give more use inside our house. In the same sense as the previous one, we can choose colors in combination with the matching cushions or we can directly break the monotony of the home with some more cheerful and striking designs that make contrast with the rest of the decoration.

Thanks to the fact that we can enjoy them in practically all the rooms and at any time of the year, we can place them both on the bed on the feet, as well as on the side of our sofa so that we can use them whenever we feel like it. Looking for a soft garment, will make us feel much more comfortable and certainly will be more comfortable.

Curtains: indispensable

Another element that can not fail in any decoration that boasts, are the curtains. In the market there are many options to choose the one that best suits our home, from smooth curtains, to curtains with embroidery and added details, not to mention the different range of colors that you can choose in them, in all their edges and added.

Choosing the color of the curtains can be an important aspect with which to play with the plaids, cushions or the rest of the decoration, so your choice is quite important.

If you are going to place them in the living room, keep in mind the game that the living room curtains do  with objects such as vases or sofa covers, since we can also choose the color of these. If you are going to incorporate them into the bedroom, opt for modern curtains  that you can combine with the duvet cover we mentioned earlier. Anyway, they are one of the most important elements and whose presence imposes in the bedroom where with small tricks, we can make seem, a much larger and important as for example by the folds of them.

Carpets and tablecloths

These elements are also usually present in all houses. With the tablecloths we can have something easier, because due to its nature and size, we can count on a few  different anti-stain tablecloths to match depending on whether we use them in the kitchen or in the dining room.

With regard to carpets, soft carpets with which to walk barefoot and that dress well with the rest of the decoration such as curtains or sofa, end up offering a much more finished aspect to the stay in addition to improving the presence of it, offering comfort and improving comfort.