Posted on March 14th, 2020 11:42 AM

Rugs are without a doubt the best (and most stylish!) Solution to define spaces in the same room, such as the dining room and living room. They are able to make a soulless space the most comfortable room, the rugs offer a whole range of possibilities so that your house looks like never before

 You will gain more warmth and will be able to give a special touch to both environments. The decor Rug is implemented to cover spaces on the floor in any space. Sometimes they work as a work of art on the walls.

There are rugs with a knot of greater or lesser thickness, shaved and mixed. There are really many types of Rugs and nowadays they have evolved much more. Here are some ideas for how you can use rugs.


In these spaces, the rugs are decorative . If you place it at the foot of the bed, you will give it more functionality. However, depending on the size and position of the mat, it can be used a little more. For example; if it is a large one, it can go under the bed but it protrudes from the sides. This will allow you to wake up and get out of bed to feel the warmth of the Rug and not the cold of the floor.

If they are purely decorative, you can play with the colors and textures to personalize the style and also make the space more welcoming. It can also be placed on the whole floor and this more than anything if it is the room where children spend the most time. It will allow them more freedom without so much risk of a blow or any accident with the floor that is harder.


The rugs that should be included in the kitchen the first and main quality that they must have are that they can be washed, that they are very resistant and that they do not fade. It should cover the part of the chair preferably for meals. These help with the dirt that accumulates in that area.

In the Study room

In this area of ​​the house the rug has more of a decorative purpose than anything else. For this, the ideas are to place one under the main table and combine it with the colors of the furniture.

Living room

The television is usually located here. These rugs should be slightly thicker , longer and stronger fibers .

Small living room

In a space where there is a sofa and wood-like coverings , something artistic on the wall and a Rug with neutral colors. This in view of the fact that if there is already enough color, the Rug only complements but is not the center of attention.

Common area

In these cases, the Rug can be the center of attention. Modern drawings , bold colors that stand out in the space with the walls, white ceilings and, as a queen, a Rug.

Dinning room

In the dining room it is ideal to place the chairs on them and its function would be very similar to that of the kitchen.

In the hallway

They are ideal when the hallway is wide . Along it you can wear a Rug. The colors in these cases should also be chosen according to the furniture and other decorative elements found in that area. Since it is a very busy area, consider the strength and endurance it must have.

Things to keep in mind when decorating with rugs

If you want the rug to be the focal point of the room, then use one that has a central figure (circle, guards, etc.). If, instead, the focal point is in another decoration object (for example, a piece of furniture or a fireplace), choose a folder with more general or repetitive upholstery.

When combined with walls and upholstery, it will be up to them to choose the design of the carpet. For elaborately designed upholstery and walls, choose discreet rugs. For softer upholstery and walls, you can try a richer design to add interest to the room.

Light rugs have the property of making smaller rooms appear larger.

Don't limit yourself to rectangular shapes: octagonal or circular rugs give a touch of originality to the room.

Know that you can use different rugs in the same environment (with different patterns and designs), provided that the different colors combine well with each other.