Decoration colors to brighten the home in winter

Posted on October 31st, 2018 01:45 PM
Decoration colors to brighten the home in winter

Do you need ideas to decorate the rooms of your house? Each bedroom is different, not only because of the choices made for it, but because those who inhabit it greatly condition its decoration. Age tends to influence a lot when it comes to following or not certain fashions and trends and also in the type of bedding that is chosen. In this post we give you tricks for the whole family .

Here we leave some decoration suggestions designed for the whole family and for the bedroom to look modern, cheerful and elegant this winter, regardless of the style of room you have or what place you occupy in the family line.

The Master Bed Room

Normally, the Master Bed Room is the one that takes more into account current trends. That's why we suggest a bedsheet in blue tones for those who want a room with a very youthful air. The kantha velvet covers are comfortable, practical and allow different thickness and heat intensity fillings depending on the time of year you are. The blue color, besides being a trend in its most intense tones, is very suitable for the bedroom because it is relaxing.

If instead of a kantha velvet cover you prefer a  bedspread we suggest a white background with some drawing in garnet, dark fuchsia or red tile . If you combine a quilt with details in these tones with some curtains in this color, the result will be striking, bright and very elegant.

Quilt bedspreads with padded central part and ruffles without padding are a bit more classic option but it is ideal in vintage style bedrooms. In white and with details in gold can be a fantastic choice for this winter. They can be combined with white, gold curtains or combining both elements to match the quilt.

The quilts are a very casual option. If we combine this informal air with gray and silver tones, we will achieve a striking contrast that, in addition, combines practically with most furniture styles and colors. The comforter is warm and very practical and in many cases it can be washed using any washer and dryer without having to go to the laundry.

The room of the Seniors

Many grandparents or grandmothers, even both, live at home with the family and, logically, have their own room that they decorate according to their tastes. Grandparents are usually the ones who prefer the most classic options , but being older does not mean they do not know what is fashionable.

For them a cotton quilt in earth tones can be perfect . On the one hand, they will have a "lifelong" bed since they probably do not like the alternative of the covers. On the other hand, the tones will be current and trendy, but they will be within the chromatic lines of a lifetime, perfectly matching the timeless furniture that they usually choose.

Thanks to the Roopantaran's cotton quilts you can have a modern, trendy and beautiful room that will be in harmony with the rest of the house but, at the same time, will be respecting your tastes and your personality, making the room of the grandpa or the Granny is really yours and easily identifies with them.

Older people, especially when they are very old, tend to have delicate skin and that is why it is recommended that they use 100% cotton sheets like children. If they are cold, during the winter they can use flannel sheets so that they do not feel the cold bed at bedtime, something they will be very grateful to be able to sleep at ease.

The room of the kids

In the children's room, color has to be the protagonist both in summer and in winter. They are full of vitality and that is conveyed in their way of dressing and also in their bedding. Of course, choose what you choose should always combine with the colors of the walls, curtains or furniture to achieve a good balance .

Intense blues, hot pink or yellow are some of the favorite tones of children, because they convey joy and positivity. In the roopantarans range you can find all these tones, either separately or combined with each other, getting very casual models that perfectly fit the preferences of the little ones.

But they can also have a great palette of colors in pastel tones since this type of tones invite rest and sleep, which are the activities that take place in a room. The quilts or duvet covers with children's drawings and many pastel colors are happy but at the same time relaxing and that is why many parents choose them for the room they love the most.