Decoration Trends For 2021

Posted on October 24th, 2020 02:56 PM
Decoration Trends For 2021

The decoration trends for this coming 2021 are very compatible with each other. Which is appreciated, because sometimes it is difficult to be up to date and that different fashions combine with each other ... So, lovers of trends, do not worry, this new season you can hit the nail on the head to have a house full of what ultimate in interior decoration.

Cannage or mesh furniture

The cannage is a technique that has been done since the eighteenth century and is now back in our furniture. It consists of braiding thin strips of rattan creating a surface, that is why there is a result that resembles a grid. It was used mainly for chairs and headboards, but today we can find it in a wide variety of furniture, from cabinets to lamps.

Rattan furniture

Sustainable decoration

The deco slow , natural and ecological materials and sustainable decoration in general have come to stay. Everything that surrounds eco-friendly thinking is a trend and that makes us very happy. Social awareness with the environment is also present in interior decoration. Hopefully we help nature a little bit with it while our homes light up fresh and relaxing.

Slow deco

A Japanese touch

Japandi style , a mix between Japanese and Scandinavian philosophies that is a trend. To follow this style, there must be a Nordic background with more neutral colors and furniture with straight and simple lines. But if this whiter background doesn't convince you, you can add a Japanese touch to a bolder decoration. For example, and without going any further, with some vegetable fiber mesh furniture. You already have three trends in one.

Japanese style as a trend in decoration 2021

Multifunctional furniture

Continuing with the slow deco in which less is more, it is also fashionable not to use more furniture than necessary. Sometimes we have a small one and we still need a shelf, a TV cabinet, storage space ... Don't complicate yourself and choose a multifunctional cabinet like this one from Mobel 6000 , you will save on space and practicality without sacrificing style.

Multifunctional furniture

Colors of nature

The tones that will reign in our homes according to the new trends speak of nature. Greens will be the main protagonists combined with terracotta, ocher or raw. The Classic Blue , erected king of 2020, will also leave us shades of blue for the new year in our interiors.

Trends in decoration with natural colors

More plants

And since we want to include nature in our homes, what better way than to do it with the plants themselves. For years they have been more than present in interior decoration, but now following the trend of the Urban Jungle style , vegetables will enter the home in every corner. Nothing better to include a little of the exterior in the interior, something that in recent months we have been quite missing.

Decorate with plants in 2021