Details to decorate the house at Christmas

Posted on November 21st, 2020 01:38 PM
Details to decorate the house at Christmas

I don't know if it happens to you too but, at least for me, decorating the house at Christmas tends to make me quite lazy. When I want to renovate a room I think about it a lot and I enjoy it, but seasonal decorations, such as Christmas, tend to make me lazy. I know I'm not cheering you on at the moment, but you will change your mind when you read the full article.

For those of you who feel identified, I want to give you some simple and easy-to-do ideas so that decorating at Christmas is not such an expensive task. The idea is that with little work, your house seems more Christmas. Thus, meetings with family and friends will have a setting more in line with the festivities that await us, without too much effort on our part.

Bring Christmas to your hall

The hall welcomes each house, so it gives us a first impression of it. To achieve a Christmas atmosphere, any detail at the entrance of the house will be very useful. Put up some holly leaves, some lights, or any holiday goodies. Your guests will breathe the smell of Christmas from the first moment.

Decorate the hall with Christmas details

That the tree (or something similar to it) is not missing

A few days ago we showed you different ways to put a Christmas tree without needing a tree itself. You can place the classic of the size that your house asks for.

Christmas tree ideas

Dress your table with Christmas spirit

The centerpieces are very useful to decorate on specific holidays and they are no less so at Christmas. Take a nice tray (if it is wooden better, to get a rustic touch) and decorate it with the Christmas decorations that you like the most, as long as they combine between them. That easy!

Decorate your table at Christmas

Take advantage of your usual decoration

Get creative and add the Christmas decorations to the ones you usually have at home. In this way everything will appear more uniform and integrated and not just individual items that we have added later. You can achieve this by using ornaments that match the colors of the room where you put them. Even taking advantage of the decorative items that you already have as a support, as we see in the photo.

Details to decorate the house at Christmas