Do you believe in Feng-Shui? 3 objects to banish from your home

Posted on June 7th, 2020 07:44 AM
Do you believe in Feng-Shui? 3 objects to banish from your home

Do you follow any criteria when decorating ? More and more people in the world are betting on Feng-Shui. A decision that started as fashion, but has now become a way of life.

Gradually it became a worldwide phenomenon. In fact, in this blog we have already given you more than a brushstroke in this regard. The whole topic of energy and channeling forces through furniture interests us.

In addition, it is a methodology that keeps certain really interesting guidelines.

Do you believe in Feng-Shui?

Three objects that should disappear from your home if you believe in feng shui
Source: Feng Shui

As in any matter that is very spiritual, Feng-Shui has people who idolize him and others who are detractors.

So we are not the ones to tell you whether you should believe or not. We only carry the message. And that is why we want to tell you what are the three objects that this way of life understands that must disappear from yours.

The three objects you should get rid of at home

The first of them is the mirror in your bedroom.

Why you shouldn't have a mirror in the bedroom
Source: Feng Shui

Who does not have a mirror in the place where he sleeps? If it seems super useful!

It is perfect for preening, to see that you are fine before going to work and, ultimately, to check your face at any time.

Well here comes the first surprise of this note. Feng-Shui makes it very clear that placing it there is a bad idea.

The reason is clear. Being a rest area, it is better not to open doors to energies. The more collected you are, the better.

The following is that clock that does not tell the time in any bedroom of your home.

A clock against energies
Source: Feng Shui

For Feng-Shui, time is so important. For this reason, it also values ​​those instruments on which it is channeled.

Feng-Shui understands a philosophy of life and understands that the elements anchored in the future have you yet to come.

You know what the next step is.

Finally, do you know what you should remove? The bedspreads are black.

A feng-shui bedspread
Source: Feng Shui

Black is the color of mourning. So it is not fit for proper rest. Never. The further away this color that represents the death of the bed, the better.

What changes would you make?

Now it's up to you to unravel the full power of Feng-Shui. You decide where you want to go.