Fall in love again with your home, change your home textiles!

Posted on September 24th, 2018 08:35 AM
Fall in love again with your home, change your home textiles!

Have you ever experienced the feeling that your house bores you? If so, do not worry, it is normal and has happened to us all on occasion. Before, the usual thing was to decorate the house when the couple got married and that decoration was the one that accompanied them for a lifetime. Only one piece of furniture was changed if it broke due to an accident or misuse.

But today, the way of understanding the house has changed and there are fashions that make us want to renew and change many aspects of the home. Obviously, we are not going to change the furniture of the house every season, but for those who like everything to change their appearance, renewing textiles is the best solution when the decoration begins to bore.

Change Your Home Textiles According to Seasons

A trick to make your decoration a little less boring is to change it, using one for summer and one for winter. In addition, you can use more suitable textiles at each temperature. Since it will only be on for a few months, you will not get tired of it and you will be able to take advantage of it for several seasons, either totally or partially.

If you want to give a new look to your room, the first thing you have to change are the curtains and the rugs. If you modify these two things, the room will look very different. For the summer, he opts for fine curtains, curtain style and during the winter for thick curtains.

As for the carpets, for the winter wool or any hair carpet can be perfect while in summer either betting on leaving the floor uncovered or placing carpets of natural fabrics, such as sisal or bamboo.

And without these small details you can return to fall in love with your living room, your room can also be renewed with some small details related to textiles. The base is again changing the curtains, which are a fundamental piece of decoration.

Once you have chosen thicker curtains or double curtains for the room, it is time to choose the quilt or the duvet cover for the bed. In summer you can bet on the  quilts or summer quilts while in the winter quilts or duvet covers are more recommendable . In any case, you will find many models in our catalog so you can choose the ones that best suit your room.

Your bathroom and your kitchen can also change

It is true that the bathroom and the kitchen depend more than anything on the tiling and furniture chosen than on textiles. But this does not mean that they can not influence the decoration by adding their touch.

Elements such as towels or tea towels help to make a small change to the decoration. Tablecloths for the table also have a lot of importance in the kitchen, which are often left on all day as part of the decoration and which, therefore, must be chosen as carefully as the rest of the elements.

Bet on the most informal and colorful towels and tea towels for the summer and use the plain colors for the winter. Play with the different combinations that can be made with the color of the kitchen furniture or the tiles of the bathroom and get to give these rooms more light or a slightly more sober image depending on what you want to achieve in each chance.