Five ways to reform your home for little money

Posted on October 16th, 2021 04:06 PM
Five ways to reform your home for little money

There are small changes and remodeling that can be done for little money when renovating your home. Although they appear to be details at first glance, they can change the entire appearance of a room. That is why today we review some options that you can make at home and that will lead to great differences in it and, also, for less than you think. If you want to do a facelift to your home without spending too much, read on.

5 ideas to reform your house without spending a lot


Plastering, that is, smoothing the walls , can be a big change in your home and it is not too expensive in terms of price or time. If you still have drippings on your walls, a good way to make a substantial modification to your home is by smoothing them out. In addition, you can take the opportunity to change the tonality of the paint on your walls and thus give a new and renewed air to your home. You will see big differences in a short time and with a very tight budget.

Five ways to reform your home

Small changes in your kitchen

If you think that your kitchen needs an image wash, you can also give it to them for less than you think. There is, for example, paint for kitchen furniture that will allow you to change the tone of the cabinets. You can also change the handles for others that fit more with the style you are looking for today. They are two ways to give a completely different look in a simple, fast and economical way. It will look like you have new furniture in your kitchen without actually changing any of the furniture.

Replace bathroom fixtures

Sometimes making small changes to a bathroom can make big improvements. This is the case, for example, of betting on new cheap toilets that have an updated design as well as the latest in finishes and materials. The same can happen by doing small renovations such as replacing the bathtub with a shower tray . In the case of this last option, you will achieve more space in your bathroom and a feeling of spaciousness. Remarkable improvements that you can carry out for less than you think and that will allow you to have a bath to the last one at the same time that you choose not to consume more water.

Renew windows

Currently there are very effective insulation systems that allow you to have your house in suitable thermal conditions. This can translate into a lower energy bill. If your windows have been around for a while, there are double glazed double glazing options for greater insulation , which will make your home conserve heat much better and depend less on heating. In addition, there has also been a more than remarkable evolution in the materials and you can find quality pvc options, easy to clean, aesthetic and at a good price.

What if you change your floor?

You do not have to chop the floor and remove it to change its appearance. At least not necessarily. There are options such as laminate flooring , which will allow you to renew it without having to remove the previous floor. In the same way, you can also opt for vinyl flooring that is very easy to install and also to remove, and with an easy and fast cleaning. 

Change the floor to reform your house with little money

If you really want a change and you decide to reform your house but without spending a lot of money, which of these options would you decide on?