Fool proof ways to decorate with cushions

Posted on August 19th, 2018 09:11 AM
Fool proof ways to decorate with cushions

We can suggest several ways to decorate with cushions for different rooms of your house. Take note and put these ideas into practice, you will triumph!

The cushions are one of those essential accessories in any house. In addition to providing comfort, they can change the decoration or give a different touch with very little investment . And it is enough to change the cushion cover to change style , it is as easy as putting on a garment! Since we know that you are also a fan of this accessory, today we share with you several Fool proof ways to decorate your home with cushions .

Pay attention, your house will be transformed!

In The Living Room

If you have a sofa in dark tones , opt for a sofa bottom with cushions in neutral tones and others that match the color of the sofa. To give a little dynamism to the set, add cushioned or textured cushion covers to the mix . And also others with some pattern that attracts attention.

Is your room decorated with very neutral tones ? If so, use the cushions to bring vitality to the room. In this case, we have opted for cushions with green striped prints . Notice that they  combine with the tone of the carpet to unify the set.

On the other hand, you can also use the cushions to tone an extreme tone on the sofa . This is the case with this pink sofa, whose black and white cushions soften the whole.

In the bedroom

To decorate the bed, choose cushions that match well with the harmony of tones that dominate the room . Here different shades of blue with raw tones, wood and terracotta are mixed perfectly. The result is impeccable. Take note: some prints of the cushions combine with the bench cushion at the foot of the bed, while others combine with the headboard, the bench structure and the mirrors.

The cushions also serve to provide a point of contrast . If your bedroom is decorated in very neutral colors, bet on vivid fashion colors. For example,  the orange and pink of the first image, that we already advance that are trend this spring. On the other hand, if your bedding is dominated by a deep tone , play to add cushions in neutral tones .

In the children's room

The cushions can help you turn any corner into a magical place where incredible things happen . And if you do not believe it, look at this suggestion. In it, a little house has been created out of nowhere without adding a single piece of furniture to the corner . You just need a little paint and the right cushions to transform any corner into a cozy little house that invites you to let your imagination fly.

Following with the corners, here we leave you a different way of decorating a child's bed with cushions . Being a corner bed, you have the perfect excuse to place the cushions in a slightly tilted way , decorating the corner more than the bed. The result? Again, a corner of the most welcoming. In addition, being a children's room, fabric sconces and fun prints are the order of the day.

A last cool idea to decorate a child's bed with cushions. Place the cushions on 3 levels : the background pillow, a quadrant or square cushion in the middle and, presiding over everything, a pillow with an original shape , like a moon, a heart or a star. With this composition you will achieve volume and dynamism in your little one's bed.

Decorating benches with cushion cover.

It is no secret that benches and stools are ideal for decorating, but a little less attractive to sit on. The cushions allow you to compensate for this defect and also fill in the blank.  Since if you do not add anything, the bank can be somewhat soulless.

If the bench has a very clean and minimalist structure, you can fill it with cushions without fear.

For corner benches and benches, place the cushions only in the corner and expose everything else.

And if your bench is the useful surface of furniture that reaches the floor, turn it into a cozy corner covered with blankets and cushions of rich textures , such as hair, skin, corduroy or velvet.

What do you think of these ideas to decorate your house with cushions? Do you dare to put some of the ideas into practice? How do you decorate with cushions? Share it in the comments, we will love it!