Give an original touch to your home without breaking the harmony

Posted on February 25th, 2019 12:03 PM
Give an original touch to your home without breaking the harmony

With the change of season, many feel the need to make a change of decoration. One of the areas of our home that has more versatility when making this transformation is the bedroom . And there are many details and small changes that can give a 360º turn to our room without too much effort.

However, finding harmony in the decoration is a fundamental requirement. Everything must make sense, both furniture and decorative objects, to create a balanced atmosphere that transmits tranquility and relaxation .

And, our room must be our sanctuary, to which we turn when we want to shelter after a long day of work. That is why it is very important to feel it as ours, as part of us, to achieve that feeling of calm and protection.

You can start this plan by renewing the bedding, which includes the bedspread, the sheets and the cushions. It is one of the most visible elements of the bedroom and the ideal place to show a personal and original touch .

Today there are many options to choose these three elements. We recommend that you let yourself be guided by your tastes, but always following a series of guidelines.

Always choose colors in sync within the chromatic scale . That is, always keep a color pattern that combines with each other. Falling into stridency or choosing certain very charged tones can tire us out in the long term, leading to a new change and, therefore, an expenditure of extra money.

Of course, following this decorative pattern does not mean falling into boring combinations with little personality . We seek to reflect ourselves, so we can afford to risk a little and seek originality through prints with geometric shapes, drawings, prints, flowers or stripes .

You can also play to combine several elements, not only the bedding, but the curtains or even the color of the walls of the bedroom. Let yourself go, have fun and create a space that reflects your personality .

As the saying itself says 'for tastes, colors'. That is why you must choose the ones that best represent you and play within the tonality of these.

There are two options, on the one hand you can keep the sobriety on the walls, the curtains and the bedding and provide the different touch with the cushions. Or on the other hand, do it in reverse.

The most important thing, as we have already explained, is to be true to ourselves , but always getting all the elements aesthetically married.