Halloween decoration for a party at home

Posted on October 1st, 2022 11:04 AM
Halloween decoration for a party at home

Whether we like it or not, autumn is coming and with it a series of festivities that represent this season. The most decorative and fun of them is Halloween, until recently unknown in these parts, but lately it is being instilled in more and more houses. Whether it's because you've always liked this tradition, because you love the movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas" or because any excuse is good to have a party at home, these Halloween decoration ideas can come in handy.

light up your nightmares

Although the gloomy atmosphere reigns at your party (or precisely because of it), lighting is necessary. A subdued style is perfect and very easy to achieve with some simple garlands . If, in addition, they are shaped like a pumpkin or spider web , the theme will be complete.

pumpkin string lights

Don't be afraid of clichés

Halloween is a festival of set phrases such as "trick or treat" and of representative elements such as the colors orange and black , monsters , etc. If you don't want to break your head and do something simple, since you know how to play it safe, you don't have to waste it.

Pumpkins to decorate

There is no party worth its salt without food, drink or, better yet, both options together. You can create a more personal touch by bringing the Halloween theme to your dishes and cocktails . Continue the style also with your table decoration and use a special tablecloth or candlestick for this day.

food for halloween party

As we said before, monsters, ghosts and terrifying characters of all kinds cannot be missing from a Halloween party . Not only can you find them in figures, garlands of lights or decorative cardboard, but there are even them in the form of a balloon or a sticker for the windows.

halloween decoration

Halloween pumpkins even in the soup

We could not forget the famous typical Halloween pumpkins. This item fits in with everything else said and is a must at our theme party. Whether they are real or artificial, decorated or natural , they are an unmistakable mark of this season in general and this holiday in particular and that is why you will find them everywhere, so you cannot forget them at home.

halloween pumpkins