Home accessories you need for the summer

Posted on July 10th, 2019 10:42 AM
Home accessories you need for the summer

In summer we want to have fun and enjoy the outdoors. In order to make the most of these moments of relaxation, we can take advantage of home accessories that can be found in our catalog , both for conventional use and to give them alternative uses of this time of year.

We offer some ideas for you to take into account when making the list of accessories you need for the summer Do not miss out on them and enjoy your holiday to the fullest!


Rugs are undoubtedly the best (and most stylish!) Solution to delimit spaces in the same room as the dining room and the living room. You will gain more warmth and you will get a special touch to the two environments.

Use a rug as the focal point of a room. For this, you can create a contrast by painting the walls of a color tone that combine with those of the carpet. Another way to create a focal point is to use a carpet as a hanging wall or as the old tapestries, as if it were a painting.

You can use rugs in the form of square, round, oval or use only rectangular ones. Select the form that best suits your room or combine them as you consider best.


The cushions of fresh and summer prints are an essential complement for the homemade terraces and for the gardens . With them you can lie comfortably in your favorite lounger to read, lie on the grass for a comforting nap with a pillow or have at the moment a soft seat and perfect for a garden bench.

Its thousand uses will always come very well in your terrace or garden. In addition, they are perfect for decorating your spaces, which makes them essential when you want to get a summer and attractive image in this type of places.

Summer bedspreads

Also very versatile for the garden and the terrace . Both serve to cover a sofa and give it a fresher look as to throw them on the grass and sit down to chat or play a relaxing game of cards. These quilts are light and fresh , many people wear them in the car as an alternative to travel blankets for commuting in summer.

Ideal for camping or to spend a day in the country , these bedspreads will always be useful, beyond their conventional use for the bedroom. Available in many colors and with different patterns in addition to different sizes.

A Tablecloth for picnics

The food in the outdoors has a different and very special flavor. If you are one of the people who enjoy eating outdoors, you need a rested tablecloth , easy to clean and that does not stick with herbs . With a cheerful and summery design, your tablecloth will make summer meals or snacks much more comfortable and practical.

Either on a picnic table or directly on the grass, create a perfect space to place all things and gather strength to continue with a picnic, with a day of outdoor games or practicing the swimming.