Home Decoration With Kantha Textile

Posted on July 28th, 2018 01:03 PM
kantha textile

When it comes to Home Decor the more unique, the better. It is as if the colors and patterns had, in a certain way, a soul. That spirit that connects with the culture to which it belongs and that transmits its vibrations. Has not it ever happened to you, upon entering someone's house, to  recognize the origin of a quilt or the cover of a cushion for the ethnic patterns that they look like?

The first time you come across Kantha embroidery , you will be struck by its peculiar sewing. Beyond its functionality it plays a important role as a decorative element in a bohemian style bedroom. It has so much prominence that with a couple of bedside tables, you have it ready.

What is Kantha ?

The Kantha is an embroidery style of Southeast Asia that uses stitch stitch and straight stitch in a variety of designs. Traditionally, it has been made on large cloth canvases by women in rural areas of Bengal and Odisha in India, and in Bangladesh.

The kantha can be as simple as a cloth covered with several parallel straight lines or as complex as the decoration of a sari with intricate figurative designs of people and animals. In any case, Kantha embroideries are very laborious and are usually collective works: several women, seated on the floor, simultaneously embroider a large canvas.

The kantha stitches, although they are the basic straight stitch and the basting, are usually executed in different ways

Kantha In Home Decoration

In spaces decorated with a bohemian touch, any item made in the Kantha style is capable of changing (for good) the aura of interior in question. And I do not mean just to make the set look more cozy, but also for that note of exoticism that this wonderful fabric prints on it.

It is possible that its name is related to the world of accessories and, in particular, with scarves and scarves from the Indian subcontinent. But, what if I told you that there is life beyond this original accessory ? You would be surprised at what a Kantha style fabric can give in the decoration of your home.

Because of its individual character (you will never find two of them), its origin in the Bengal region (India) and its concept of taking advantage of and giving new life to old remnants, there are many spaces decorated in Bohemian style that incorporate a piece of Kantha style. as the protagonist of textile decoration .

It is enough with some skill and thread and needle to transform what at first was a scarf in an exotic cushion cover or even in a curtain inspired by boho . You can also upholster a pouf or footrest or, if yours are not crafts, use it as a tablecloth or table runner. 

Today, we can find Kantha embroidery applied to bedding and accessories such as scarves and bags, especially. If in addition, the piece is made with the patchwork technique, the result is something unique: no two are the same! In spaces decorated with an exotic touch or boho its the perfect choice. Of course, provided that it is not abused when combining tones and prints , so that overall the decoration is harmonious. By the way, it has the advantage that it is reversible so if you get tired, you can always turn it around and, by the way, change the set. Don't you think it's awesome?