How often should you change the bedding for maximum comfort and hygiene

Posted on July 3rd, 2019 10:35 AM
How often should you change the bedding for maximum comfort and hygiene

When we sleep we are in direct contact with the bedding. This causes dead skin and sweat to accumulate on the fibers of the sheets, thus causing the appearance of large amounts of mites. To this must be added dirt, such as remains of cosmetics or dust.

How can we be sure that we sleep in a healthy bed and not in a source of mites and possible bacteria? We give you an expert advice on this one!


The frequency with which the sheets have to be washed will depend a lot on our habits. If you sleep in pajamas and the person showers before going to bed, it is possible that the sheets may be in good condition even two weeks. However, it is recommended not to reach this point and wash them every week.

For people who sleep in their pajamas but do not shower before sleeping, but in the morning, the sheets should be washed every week, so that they are perfectly clean. But if you sleep naked or are sick, then it is advisable to change the sheets twice a week.

In summer , when people sweat more, this frequency of twice a week is the most recommended for everyone. Thus, the bed will always be clean and very fresh, so it will be more pleasant to lie down.

It is not just the frequency with which the sheets are washed, it is also important the temperature at which it is made. And here, experts recommend that it be at least 60 degrees. Because washing the bed clothes in cold water or at 30 degrees, something usual, will only eliminate 30% of the mites they contain.

Pillows and their covers

The pillow covers that are in contact with the head are washed with the same frequency as the sheets , although they really should be washed more often because we sweat much more through the head and the contact is much more intense.

The protective covers of the pillows should be washed once every two months and the pillow twice a year . It is important to change the pillows every four or five years at the most. No matter how much love we have and how comfortable it is, from this time it is no longer guaranteed that they will be hygienic.

The Dohar covers

The dohars , provided they are not used as sheets, no need to wash too often . It is enough to do it twice a year, just like the quilts and any other type of cover.

However, if you have pets that tend to lie on the bed or we do it frequently to read, watch TV or take a nap without undoing it, then it is best to wash the cover or the quilt every month or every two months depending on the use they are given.

The Quilts

Many people recognize that never wash the quilts, because to do so it is necessary to go to the laundry. The same goes for cotton fillings. But this is not good because this bedding can accumulate mites even without being in contact with the body.

It is recommended that every three months be aerated . For this they can hang on the line in the air, without needing to wash them. And, once a year, they are taken to the laundry for a cleaning . This can be done when they are going to save from one season to another, so they do not stay with the sweat and mites that can cause when they are caught again in late fall they have a bad smell or yellowish spots.