How to change the decoration of your living room in 5 steps

Posted on November 28th, 2020 01:26 PM
How to change the decoration of your living room in 5 steps

Today we are going to discover how to change the decoration of the living room following five fundamental steps . We will look at the style, furniture, lighting, textiles and personal details. In this way, we will end up turning a room like the one in the first photo into one like the one in the second. Do you fancy the challenge?

Follow these 5 steps to change your living room .

Step 1: define your style

Defining the decorative style that your stay will follow is important. By this I do not mean that you have to stick to a specific style and follow its guidelines, far from it. But it is necessary to be guided by a color palette that we like previously defined and a type of furniture and decorative items that match each other. That the mixture fits well is the most difficult thing to achieve and it can end badly if we are not very expert or we do not have a good eye. If your case is the latter, you will get better results if you follow the guidelines of a specific decorative style.

Change the decoration of your living room

Step 2: renovate the furniture

Of course the furniture is an essential part in the decorative set of any room. You have to choose it carefully because it should be practical as well as aesthetic. In addition, this is usually the part where we spend the most money. Do not forget to take measurements to know what space you have. Think about the distribution that the pieces will have, we don't want you to run out of room to move freely around the room or to leave too many free spaces and the feeling of a soulless room.

How to renovate your living room

Step 3: improve the lighting

We do not realize how much a room improves thanks to lighting until we change it. The first good results can be achieved only with the light from the outside and a clear paint. Even placing mirrors in strategic places so that they reflect that luminosity that enters us through the window. The extra point comes from a good auxiliary lighting . Do not forget to place indirect lights such as table and floor lamps, in addition to improving the lighting in the living room, you will have decorative elements that can gain much prominence and dress the room more than you think.

Renovate the living room

Step 4: change textiles

A good list of tips to renew the decoration without talking about textiles is not complete. It is the cheapest and easiest to change and gives great results with little effort. Do not forget step one when buying your new cushions, rugs or curtains, and let yourself be guided by a style that you like. By choosing them well you can make your living room have a bohemian or Nordic air, for example.

Change the furniture in your living room

Step 5: add personal details

A nicely decorated living room is beautiful to see, but your living room should also be cozy and comfortable, a place that invites you to spend time in it. A help for this to happen is that you add personal objects that speak of you. The vase you bought on that trip, the photo of a special moment or the lamp that your grandmother gave you will be the details that will say that this is your living room . They will turn a simple room into a part of your home.

Ideas to change the decoration of the living room

You already know how to change the decoration of your living room with 5 steps, do you dare to try them?