How to choose the curtains and blinds of your house

Posted on July 17th, 2021 04:33 PM
How to choose the curtains and blinds of your house

With the arrival of summer and good weather, the houses become brighter and warmer. However, summer in our country is characterized by high temperatures, so using curtains and blinds is mandatory during the hottest hours of the day . Even if you think that these elements do not fit in your decoration, you can find all kinds of styles in different stores.

Despite this, it is normal that at first you feel somewhat lost when choosing curtains and blinds. Therefore, in this post we are going to talk about them to help you find the style that best fits your home. Let's go there!

Curtains and blinds: fundamental differences

To begin with, it is important that you bear in mind that curtains and blinds are not synonymous. As you well know, curtains are pieces made from different fabrics that are hung on a rod that surrounds the upper edge of the window. The fabric used for the curtain differs in each case, being the normal thing to adapt this material to the season of the year in which we find ourselves.

On the other hand, the blinds are roll-up pieces that, rather than decorate, are characterized by their simplicity and functionality. These elements are widely used in northern countries and, unlike curtains, hardly take up space, making them perfect for smaller spaces.

Usually it is said that curtains are more decorative elements, typical of living rooms or bedrooms, while blinds are functional and discreet. However, in decoration there is no unbreakable rule and some decorators use, fuse or combine both elements in homes, creating dynamic and welcoming spaces.

How to choose curtains and blinds

Types of curtains and blinds to decorate

Now that you know the fundamental difference between blinds and curtains, it is time to study the possibilities of each room. Before selecting a model, remember that both the blinds and the curtains must match the appearance of the room , both in style and in color range. Therefore, keep in mind the different existing models and inquire into the options of each environment.

1. Traditional fabric curtains

The fabric curtains are the most widespread option in our country. As we have mentioned, they are normally changed in each season, adapting the fabric to the temperatures of each time. For example, in summer it is usual to resort to fresh fabrics, such as linen curtains.

2. Japanese panels

Japanese panels are a type of fabric curtains divided into blocks or panels. They are usually located in large windows or terraces, since they protect from the light and heat of the sun without taking up space. Likewise, it is usual to use these panels to separate internal spaces.

Japanese panels for the living room

3. Double curtain

As its name suggests, the double curtain is achieved by placing two fabric curtains together. In most decoration magazines we find this trend due, above all, to the chromatic harmony that it gives off.

The normal thing is to use a curtain of bright colors (white, beige, yellow, etc.) on the lower part and superimpose a special colored fabric. These combinations provide comfort and style.

Curtains and blinds to decorate my house

4. Traditional blinds

Traditional blinds are characterized by their apparent simplicity. They are white roll-up elements, although they can be found in different colors, which protect and isolate the internal space of the house. Some blinds are attached without drilling, making them perfect for rental homes or offices.

Modern blinds

5. Venetian blinds

If what you are looking for is a home with a touch between vintage and modern, we recommend you go for Venetian blinds . These blinds have a traditional appearance; Distributed in slats, they screw on and unfold from the back with hardly any space.

There are Venetian blinds of different materials. The most common are wooden and aluminum , depending on the decoration of the home. The most modern trends use Venetian blinds on the kitchen windows. The result is spectacular!

Vintage living room

6. Folding blinds

If before we said that, erroneously, many people consider that the blinds are colder and simpler, the folding blinds are proof that this statement is uncertain. These blinds have internal elements (threads, rods) with a double functionality: on the one hand, they allow the blind to be placed at the desired height; on the other, the visual effect is extremely elegant. The material they use is cloth, and different colors and fabrics can be combined in the blind.

Folding blinds are used in the interior decoration of the home constantly. As with the double blind, different colors and patterns can be used to manipulate the entry of light. However, it is important to know the chromatic range of the room and to bet on close colors and styles.

Curtains and blinds to decorate my house