How to choose the paint and color of the walls in decoration

Posted on May 8th, 2021 03:01 PM
How to choose the paint and color of the walls in decoration

Before we get down to work and change the walls of our house, we must know how to choose the paint correctly . Today there are many options available and it is not easy to decide on the most suitable one. However, the tones of our walls will completely change the appearance of our home, so it is a very important decision to make. That is why today we are going to see some basic tips and what aspects to take into account before choosing the paint that you really want and need in your home.

How to choose paint for your home

How big is the room?

We will start by taking into account the characteristics of the place we want to paint. The choice of the color of the walls will not be the same if the room is small or large. Normally the most appropriate is to opt for light tones when when there is not much space and, if you want, in the larger places you can put darker tones.

If your room is small and you still want to add a touch of color, you can paint the back wall darker. You will get the sides to visually separate and you will gain a feeling of spaciousness.

Colors to paint offices

How much natural light does it have?

Before choosing the paint for a room, we must also look at the natural light it has. You will know it by its orientation and number of windows. Those facing east and south receive more sunlight and those facing north or west are darker. For the first, more vivid tones can be used and in the second, more clarity will be achieved with light tones. It is also a good idea in both cases to paint the wall with more windows in a more intense color, so that the light is reflected on the others.

How to choose paint for the walls

What type of paint do I choose?

If you have a wall with imperfections or in crowded places, the satin paint is a good option and the glossy one is not so much. The latter will be more suitable for rooms in which you want to have more luminosity since it reflects light, unlike matte, which will serve you for darker rooms.

Use paint swatches to paint your chosen wall and see how they look at different times of the day before deciding on one.

In terms of aesthetics, there are also options such as ecological paint with a chalk paint look , chalkboard paint in various colors or those that imitate materials such as stucco. Here the choice will depend on the decorative style you want to have at home: vintage, industrial, Nordic, ...

What color to paint the walls of my house

What color is the most suitable?

We will not choose the same colors depending on what the room is for. A bedroom will ask us for different tones to those of an office or a living room. In rooms designed for relaxation such as the bedroom or living room, relaxing colors such as white, blue, gray or light green will be used. In places where we want to activate like the kitchen or the office, the best will be stimulating tones such as orange, yellow or red.

Choose a color for the walls that matches the rest of the decoration. Create a harmonious set with tones that are repeated in other elements, such as textiles or paintings.