How to Choose The Style Of Bedding

Posted on August 13th, 2018 07:24 AM
How to Choose The Style Of Bedding

Sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases constitute the set of bedding with color variations. In everyday life, we can easily get tired of the patterns, the colors or the style of our laundry. How to think about the style of bedding in your bedroom? Which accessories to choose for a bit of novelty? 

What style of Bed Spread To Choose?

Original prints and trends, always in tune with the times, Roopantaran creates and proposes home furnishings in many styles among which are three styles Contemporary, Art Deco and Ethnic.

The Contemporary style  is a chic, elegant and urban style. The design is refined through soft, geometric shapes. The Arts Déco style is a sober and authentic style. It offers elegance and simplicity. The Ethnic style is a sophisticated style with traditional motifs revisited. They offer vintage colors through geometric patterns.


Collaborations with artisans and designers 

Roopantaran trusts young designers and works in collaboration with highly experienced artisans to offer signature collections.  Our artisans are highly skilled and are engaged in the field since generations.

In dyed weave, in digital printing or in classic printing, each of Roopantaran's finery has been studied and created by our stylists. Roopantaran offers a wide choice of motifs always in line with the trend through a wide variety of bed spread in Kantha, Block Printed, checkered, or flowers. 

The motifs revitalize the decoration of the bedroom and can be mixed according to the desires. It is possible to associate the print with the basic script collection.

What type of bedding to choose ?

You can complete your bed spread with a bed throw, a boutis, a comforter or a bedspread. By playing with the effects of materials , anything is allowed. Prefer a solid if you choose a printed finery.

Bed throw, bed cover or bed cover

Both useful and aesthetic, the bed is a decorative accessory that transforms a room. The bed cover, also called bedspread is designed to fully encompass the bed. Often reversible, the bedspread and the boutis can be returned and give the means to change the colors of the room to blow a bit of novelty in your room. To give a final touch, most of the bedspreads offer matching pillowcases of different sizes: square (63x63cm), rectangular (50x70cm) for example.

The comforter differs from the bedspread as it does not completely cover the bed and is often thicker.

If the bedspreads have a rather decorative use or protection, some models also provide additional comfort to your sleeping. The more cautious will choose from our selection a very cozy model, and transform their bedspread into a plaid in the evening! 

To not weigh down the whole, we will choose close or contrasting colors to give a dynamic side.

Regarding the size of the bedspread, simply measure the height of the bed, multiply by 2 and add the size of the mattress.


The covers are also a nice accessory to decorate the bed spread. Roopantaran offers blankets in variety of  natural materials like cotton, soft and fluffy.  Blankets can be used to decorate your bed and also for cozy comfort when you need some.

Things to remember when buying bed sheets

In order to choose the size of your bed spread or bed sheet, you must first know the size of your mattress. For that one solution: measure! When you know the size of your mattress you can be sure not to go wrong with the size of your bedding.

Be careful, the height of your mattress is important when choosing a fitted sheet. Indeed, when you want to buy a fitted sheet, always check the size of the cap of it. It corresponds to the height of your mattress and the depth of the corners of your fitted sheet.

Choosing The Right Pillow Covers

The size of your pillow should match your desires and needs. There are two distinct formats of: pillows and  square pillowcases and rectangular format. The rectangular format is less bulky and maintains the cervical vertebrae well. The square format, meanwhile, is more aesthetic and often corresponds to the standard form.